RT 2016 Convention Recap: A Girls’ Night In With Eloisa James & Julia Quinn

When Eloisa James and Julia Quinn invite you over for a girls’ night in, it goes without saying that you grab a great hostess gift and pop right over! We joined at the RT Booklovers Convention to gab about writing romance, redeeming the hot-headed hero and writing that magical HEA. Ever the gracious hostesses, Eloisa and Julia plied us with plenty of delicious butter cookies (featuring their book covers, of course) and loads of gossip. Oh, and a special guest, because what’s a girls’ night in if Susan Elizabeth Phillips doesn’t drop by for a chat?

One reader asked if social media and readers’ reactions ever affect the direction in which they take the story.

Eloisa explained that when writing Josie in Pleasure for Pleasure, she’d planned to slim up the then curvy 13 year old, but readers’ overwhelmingly positive response to the girls’ figure made her realize that it was more important for Josie to accept and embrace her curves.


One of everyone’s favorite questions was, “What is my favorite character doing right now? Will they ever get a new book?” (We always want to know this. It’s so hard to let go!)

Sometimes we get lucky and we’ll get to meet a character again in a new book, but Julia impresses upon us, “sometimes there is no act six!”


A reader asked who the ladies would most like to meet if they could go back in time. Pay attention, people, this is where the gossip gets good!

Eloisa admit to us that she once met Shakespeare in a dream and she seduced him! That’s right readers, Eloisa was once pregnant with Shakespeare’s dream baby. I mean, who knew?


Julia also discussed how she draws inspiration from real life, explaining how having dinner with a charming gentleman who stuttered led to the creation of Simon, Duke of Hastings.


Eloisa kept the the fun facts going after a reader asked for data on male readership in romance.

Apparently readership has risen from 12 to 17 percent!


The evening was winding down when Susan Elizabeth Phillips stopped by, giving readers one final treat before it was time to move onto the next workshop. We have to say, no one throws a girls’ night in quite like Eloisa James and Julia Quinn!

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