RT 2016 Convention Recap: Teen Day FTW!

Teen Day at the RT Convention is always a sight to behold. The teens arrive early, bleary-eyed parents in tow, some stretching their legs after long drives from states away. One year a mother told us wearily, as she registered her daughter and her friends, “What can I do? They love to read!” We totally share this sentiment, and love the energy and excitment that comes from the day-long event. Here are a few pictures from all that happened in Vegas this year! 

Kami Garcia and The Lovely Reckless

First, it must be said that Kami Garcia did an awesome job organizing Teen Day. She’s been busy writing her new awesome contemporary YA, The Lovely Reckless, out this October, but she still took the time to make Teen Day amazing. Thank you, Kami! 

After the Giant Book Fair ended, teens got to attend the Fierce Reads and Swoon Reads Sugar Rush Party. There was candy, books and authors! All of our favorite things in one place! 

Fierce and Swoon Reads Gift Bag

Candy from the Fierce Reads Swoon Reads Teen Day Party

Cecelia Ahern signing her new YA, Flawed
Cecelia Ahern!

Then it was time for the workshops. Teens had tons of fun playing the Hogwarts House Cup Showdown with lots of authors, including Keira Cass, Kimberly Derting, Pintip Dunn, Julie Kawaga, CJ Redwine, Clint Redwine of YABC, Amy Bartol (pictured below).

Keira Cass, Kimberly Derting, Pintip Dunn, Julie Kawaga, CJ Redwine and

Kimberly Derting
Kimberly Derting

Julie Kagawa
Julie Kagawa

Teens also had the chance to play YA Family Feud! Teams of authors (and lucky readers!) answered such queries as: “We surveyed 100 published authors — who are the top five book boyfriends?” (Answers below.) And “What is the most popular type of social media with which to interact with fans?” (Instagram!) Brendan Reichs emceed.

YA Family Feud Questions

Brendan Reichs as Emcee of YA Family Feud
Brendan Reichs, game show host!

At the YA Match Game, Gretchen McNeil showed off her hosting abilities as teens guessed authors’ favorite super heroes, book boyfriends (a popular topic we could talk about forever) and more. 

Teen Day Match Game!
Gretchen McNeil strikes a pose (far right) with some of the YA Match Game crew!

There was also a workshop on writing tips and techniques for aspiring authors. Tamora Pierce told us she asks her husband for plotting help by saying things like, “Honey, I just found some counterfeit coins!” She also told attendees that her “passion comes when I know I’m going to get the character into something cool and I know the fans are going to scream.” Meanwhile Richelle Mead told us she slowly refines her story’s plot as she writes. 

The Humble Beginnings panel had authors sharing their favorite teen writing, and boy was it epic. Here’s a peek at Delilah S. Dawson reading about a disasterous homecoming.

When Oberon took a friend to homecoming instead, @delilahsdawson stayed home to write by candlelight #HumbleBeginnings #RTTeenDay #RT16

A video posted by RT Book Reviews (@rtbookreviews) on Apr 16, 2016 at 5:45pm PDT

A video posted by RT Book Reviews (@rtbookreviews) on Apr 16, 2016 at 5:45pm PDT

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