RT17: Books We’re Going to Need ASAP

While we were in Atlanta at the RT convention, we talked to a lot of authors about their upcoming books. “WHAT’S NEXT?” we would ask with bated breath. Because we’re book-obsessed, and we don’t care who knows it. Here are a few of the titles that we extra special super duper cannot wait to read. (We’ve included preorder links where available, if you’re as inclined to one-click as are.)

The Forbidden by Jodi Ellen Malpas — On a panel, Jodi told us that her upcoming August erotica is so intense her editor wanted her to pen an author’s note explaining why she’d written the book the way that she had. It took all of our willpower to not just start yelling PLEASE HAND OVER THE BOOK NOW, JODI. YOU PROBABLY HAVE MANUSCRIPT PAGES ON YOUR PERSON SOMEWHERE. It’s basically like we’re growing as people. Preorder (out August 8): Amazon | BN.com | iTunes | Kobo | GooglePlay

The Spring Girls by Anna Todd — We love Anna’s books, and we are so excited she’s writing a Little Women adaptation. That’s right: Anna Todd is basically writing Little Women fan fic and we cannot, cannot wait. Also how nice is the cover?! 

Sweet Black Waves by KK Pérez — If you’re into YA retellings (and we so are), then you’ll understand why we are also super excited for KK’s YA debut, which is a fantasy following the story of Tristan and Isolde, only this time the heroine of the story is Isolde’s cousin Branwen. (Out next spring, they’re calling it The Mists of Avalon meets Graceling, if you needed any more convincing.)

Slow Poke by Damon Suede — To attend an RT convention is to behold Damon Suede — he helped writers during Boot Camp, he watched Glitter with us during Cinema Craptastique, he wore a flame-covered suit to some parties, which only helped remind us of his smokin’ hot firefighters. And now we can’t wait for his upcoming release, Slow Poke. There’s not a lot of info online about the book, but we’ve seen the cover and, trust us, you’re going to need to read it. 

A Hope Divided by Alyssa Cole — Our obsession with Alyssa’s An Extraordinary Union is well documented. And you know, as a book lover, once you read an amazing book — you just want the next one! Which is why we extra special can’t wait for A Hope Divided, the next in her Revolutionary War-set series, The Loyal League. (Also that cover is amazing too!) Preorder (out November 28): Amazon | BN.com | iTunes | Kobo | GooglePlay

The Bachelor Contract by Rachel Van Dyken — To meet RVD (as we’ve taken to calling her — in our heads) is to love her. She 100 percent looks like she could be one of her heroines! We were already super into her awesome contemporary romances, and now we’re extra excited for the late November release in her Bachelors of Arizona series. Perfect antidote to the holiday shopping we’re already planning on avoiding! Now that’s what we call a win-win. Preorder (out November 28): Amazon | BN.com | iTunes | Kobo | GooglePlay

If There’s No Tomorrow by Jennifer L. Armentrout — We’re suckers for a tear-jerking contemporary YA, so we have our calendars marked for JLA’s upcoming fall offering. We heard her talk about this book, and, let’s just say we’re going to be “out sick” the day this books comes out. Preorder (out September 5): Amazon | BN.com | iTunes | Kobo | GooglePlay

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