RT17: Listen Up — Audiobooks 101

There’s a lot of fun to be had at the RT Convention in Atlanta — but there’s a lot to learn, too! One panel we’re super excited about to is the Audiobooks 101 Panel! We love audiobooks, and we’d love to know what it takes for an author to get their words into a different format! So today as a treat for our readers, we’ve got Andi Arndt from Romance Narrators to give you the scoop. (If you’re in Atlanta with us, Andi and her friends are the ones wearing the Narrators Give Good Aural t-shirts — we know, we’re having so much fun too.) Take it away, Andi!

For much of the decade, audiobooks have been the big story in the publishing industry, setting growth and sales records every quarter and showing no signs of slowing. Still, as a self-published author, you may be unsure whether audio is right for you at this point in your career. Even if the time is ripe, and your fans are clamoring for audio, you may be unsure about the budget, casting, production, distribution and marketing of your audiobooks, which can be overwhelming.

We at RomanceNarrators, a boutique casting site, are here to help! For example, we want you the author to know:

When in doubt, retain your audio rights. You want to have a say in whether and how your work is brought into audiobook form.


You have a menu of options when it comes to creation and distribution of your audiobook, and your narrator-producer can advise you of the differences.

So many options!

Narrators are independent freelancers. We work for many publishers, but we can also work directly for you, providing turnkey audiobook production from PDF to retail-ready download.

Deal? Deal!

Some romance fans only listen to audiobooks and rarely or never buy print or ebooks. How will they find you? When a romance fan hears good things about your books and types your name into the Audible search field, are you there?

Are you in the book?

Thanks so much for these thoughts to think on, Andi! For all our RT17 coverage, follow along here

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