RT17: On Friday & Saturday Night The Feeling Was Right

RT Booklovers Convention Friday and Saturday night parties are the stuff of legends. Seriously, everyone who plans an evening party really goes all out to guarantee that a fun and memorable time is had by all.

We kicked off Friday night with the 2016 RT Reviewers’s Choice Awards. Cover model Mark Johnson and Golden Globe Award-winning actress Meg Tilly presented that evening, where we honored the best and brightest of the book industry.

Meg Tilly  Mark Johnson Present the 2016 RT Reviewers' Choice Awards

Of course, the ceremony couldn’t begin without a speech from Romantic Times founder Kathryn Falk and her husband and company president Kenneth Rubin.

We honored the likes of Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Karin Slaughter

Kari Slaughter

Lorraine Heath

Lorraine Heath

Sylvia Day

Sylvia Day

and more!

After the awards were all handed out and the last of the applause died down, we headed to the lobby for a champagne reception, where we continued to toast the winners.

Champagne Toast

The RT Web/Editorial Team

Once the awards were over, we shucked off our gowns and replaced them with our very best southern belle attire before attending the Magnolias Moonshine party (you may recognize this from the novella series of the same name).

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We imbibed in plenty of sweet, southern apple pie moonshine.

Moonshine Stand

And of course we had to go visit cover model Len Gunn at the kissing booth!

Kissing Booth

Live music made for a truly grand affair!

After the GIANT Book Fair (which we will be posting about later this week!) it was time for the FAN-tastic Day Party, a raucous affair full of authors, swag and good times. The event was sponsored by Dreamspinner Press, while author Jennifer L. Armentrout donated the incredible FAN-tastic Day swag bags.

This is just a tiny taste of the incredible swag that lay waiting for readers …

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Erotica author(s) Alexa Riley has a really fun table set up, where they encouraged readers to indulge in chocolate made up of insta-love and essence of alpha.

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There was even a bit of friendly rivalry among readers as they scrambled to collect enough stamps from authors to win a prize.

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Saturday night we reached what RT’s webmistress affectionately refers to as “peak Con insanity.” Heather Graham held her annual party, Heather Graham’s Dancing Dead Southern-Style Dinner Theater, and a fantastic time was had by all. The cast included Heather herself, cover models CJ Hollenbach and Mark Johnson, Maggie Mae Gallagher, Bree Davis, Andrew Hodge and Connie Perry. We dined as we watched the performance …

Heather Graham's Souther-Style Dinner Theater

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Heather takes a bit of creative liberty with the lyrics to Science Fiction –
Double Feature. Everyone including Kathryn Falk, Kenneth Rubin, Carol Stacy and JoCarol Jones got a shoutout! (though our favorite line will forever be “and Kenneth Rubin was there in silver underwear”)

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And then we danced the night away!

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But seriously, we’ve been time-warping since we got home.

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