RT17: The Comprehensive Guide for RT Virgins

Each year book lovers from around the world meet in a new city to enjoy the RT Booklovers Convention. This year we’re hitting up Hot-lanta! We at RT spend all year plotting, organizing and generally fantasizing about the awesomeness of this week-long event. From workshops to parties to read-alouds, RT17 seriously has something for everyone!

Your first RT Convention tends to toe the line between ridiculously exciting and incredibly nerve-wracking. Since we at RT are Convention Experts (tm pending), we thought it would be helpful to share our tips for a successful Convention with all of the RT virgins who will join us in Atlanta:

Stay informed about the goings-on on the convention floor by paying close attention to our social media platforms:

Be sure to keep an eye on the hashtags #RT17 and #RTTeenDay as well!

Before you head to Atlanta, download the 2017 RT Booklovers Convention app through Guidebook. In mid-April (we’ll announce exactly when on social media!), it will be available for download through the App Store and Google Play site. The Guidebook app must be installed on your phone in order to access the RT17 app. Once you have the app, you’ll be able to create your own schedule based on the RT17 agenda, view the floor plan, get alerts, share pictures via social media and see everything going on at RT17!

One thing we absolutely could not live without last year was our collapsible water bottle! Of course water will be available for purchase on the convention floor, but when you’re running late to a workshop and you spy a water fountain along the way, this bad boy makes grabbing a drink much more convenient!

collapsible water bottle

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The Hyatt Regency Atlanta offers three distinct dining experiences in addition to a 24-hour Grab Go market. There is something to satisfy every palette. Of course, after perusing the RT17 agenda and planning your week, you may find that fitting in a full meal is easier said than done! Take a page from the RT staff’s playbook and be sure to stash plenty of healthy (and shareable) snacks in your bag.

Kind Bars Variety Pack

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At the RT Booklovers Convention, there is something to do from the moment you wake up to the second you fall back into bed. Keep yourself bright-eyed and busy tailed with coffee that you can make at your convenience, just as water!

Starbucks Via

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The RT Booklovers Convention offers up endless opportunities for readers to mix and mingle with their favorite authors. Book signings are obviously a huge part of this. While it’s super tempting to bring a suitcase devoted entirely to transporting books, there is a simpler way! Consider leaving (at least some of) the books at home and tuck a packet of plain labels in your luggage instead. You can have authors sign the label, then stick it inside the proper book once you return home!


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This out-of-print library card tote bag also presents a fun and unique option for collecting authors’s autographs. The way we see it, this bag totally does double duty:

  1. Authors can sign on the “Borrowers Name” line to create a funky keepsake you can show off all the time.
  2. The tote bag is perfect for carting around all of the new books you’re bound to grab!

Out of Print library card tote

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Besides getting to meet all of the authors we love, one of the absolute best parts about the RT Booklovers Convention is the ridiculous amount of swag and free books up for grabs! While we can’t help to make your suitcase lighter, if it’s overstuffed we recommend using travel-friendly space saver bags to compress your clothes.

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You’re definitely going to want to snap lots of photos with all your favorite authors and all of yor new friends. While there are loads of friendly faces who will be more than happy to take a picture for you, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a selfie stick on-hand for impromptu photo ops!

selfie stick

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You’ll be taking so many pictures that your phone’s battery will likely need a boost. While battery extending cases are convenient, we like this portable charger best because it can charge more than just your cellphone — and it’s a good way to make friends with someone who forgot their charger at home. 

portable charger

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Registration for the 2017 RT Booklovers Convention in Atlanta is now open! If more RT17 tips is what you came for, we’ve got you covered

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