RT18: Top Five Reasons to Come to the RT Booklovers Convention

We are so super excited to announce that registration for RT’s 2018 convention in Reno is NOW OPEN! Wahoo! All the info you need to join us in Reno, May 15th to 20th, 2018, at the Peppermill Resort is right here. If you need a reminder about all the awesomeness that happens at an RT convention, let us count the ways …

1. Facetime with Your Favorite Authors

At RT, you can chat with the people who write your favorite books. Is there anything better? We do not think so! Getting to gush, fangirl, take pictures with and ask questions of (so who’s the hero in the next book, anyway?) is honestly the greatest. Here are some of the amazing authors who have attended RT’s convention in the past.

Sylvia Day!

Brenda Jackson!

Charlaine Harris!

Julia Quinn!

2. FREE books are everywhere! 

We are not kidding, there are free books basically everywhere at the RT convention. At parties, at workshops, at mixers. There are raffles, there are gift baskets, there are tote bags stuffed with free books. Really. It’s amazing. We leave half our suitcase empty just to bring home books — and we work at RT HQ, which is already filled with books! 

3. Costume Parties and Camaraderie

The other half of our suitcase, the part that isn’t empty waiting for free books? Is filled with costumes for all the fun parties that happen at the RT convention. We’ve brought wigs, tutus, corsets, ball gowns, tiaras … and worn it all (occasionally at the same time — with a little fake blood thrown in). And then at those parties, we’ve made friends with other book lovers, people who share our passion and who understand our need to read.

4. Learn and Network

The publishing industry can be tough to navigate, and there is a lot to learn, no matter what stage of the game you’re at. At RT, there are workshops galore, for you to work on craft, marketing, promotion and more. You can meet with editors and agents, you can learn the ins and out of self-publishing, you can sit down next to anyone at the bar and pick their brain. Really, RT is a great convention for many reasons, but in our opinion RT is the best because everyone understands you and your love of books and writing. There’s an attitude of camaraderie that can be hard to find out there in the real world. But at RT, we’re all in it together. 


5. Cover Models

Listen, books, authors and publishing info is all great. But you know what we also love? ABS! And the cover models at RT are always happy to smile, chat and pose for a pic to let your friends at home know you’re having a great time! 

(And we couldn’t let this post end without one picture of our epic Giant Book Fair! We so hope you can join us in Reno.)

You can find all the info you need on the RT convention here. See you in Reno! 

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