Sara Humphrey’s Tourist Guide to New York City

Trouble Walks In by Sara HumphreysSure, sometimes hot weather makes us want to head to the beach, but here’s a secret about New York City: lots of residents leave in the summer, allowing the rest of us to get into museums, restaurants and more that are normally packed to the gills. (This truth does not pertain to Hamilton tickets, alas.) Today Sara Humphreys, whose latest contemporary romance RT Top Pick!, Trouble Walks In, is set in our fair city, shares her favorite tourist spots. 

There are also a lot of misconceptions about NYC. I’ve met people who were under the impression that Manhattan is nothing but concrete, steel and glass. They believed that there was absolutely no grass or trees anywhere. How about the myth that all of the residents of NYC are nothing but rude and pushy? Not true. Sure, there are obnoxious New Yorkers but there are plenty who welcome you with a smile.

I’ve lived within one hour of New York City for my entire life, and I usually play tourist at least twice a year. Here are my five favorite touristy activities and places in The Big Apple.

Central Park: You could spend at least two or three days checking out Central Park all on its own. You can say hello to the animals at the Central Park Zoo, walk the halls of Belvedere Castle, chill on the Great Lawn or go skating in Wollman Rink. You can do it all or do nothing and enjoy the sheer beauty of it.

Museum of Natural History: I take my four boys to this museum annually. No matter how many times we go, there’s always something new to see because some of the exhibits change. Dinosaur fossils, artifacts from ancient civilizations, the wonders of the universe and more. My favorite permanent exhibit is the Hall of Oceans, which sports a massive replica of a blue whale hanging from the ceiling. I suggest watching Night at the Museum before you go. I’m not saying that the exhibits come to life but…

Times Square: There’s nothing quite like standing in the middle of Times Square at night. Theater. Restaurants. Electronic billboards like you’ve never seen. People from every walk of life imaginable. It’s a cornucopia for the senses and buzzing with energy—electric and otherwise.

Carnegie Deli: You’re gonna get hungry with all that walking. You gotta eat, right? Hit up Carnegie Deli. They have the best pastrami and rye sandwich on the planet. Period.

The Museum of Sex: This is a fun spot to hit with your honey or a group of up-for-anything friends. The exhibits change, but right now there’s one about XXX artifacts and a History of Hardcore Images. However, the bouncy castle of boobies is always there. Yes. Boobies.

We know where we’re heading after work! (A bouncy castle of boobies!) Sara’s Trouble Walks In will be with us August 2, and you can grab your copy here: Amazon,, iTunes, Kobo, GooglePlay. For more contemporary love stories to enjoy, why not visit our Everything Romance page? 

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