Self-Published Bestsellers: April 2015

So many self-published titles are released each and every day, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time — and your cash. As always, your RT Web Team is here for you, to help make sense of it all. We’ve scoured the bestseller lists and ebook retailers to put together some of the top-selling titles that caught our eye this month. Get your TBR list ready!  

Dare to Hold by Carly Philllips
April 2015
Genre: Contemporary
The Story: The sixth in Phillips’s Dare to Love series is handily demonstrating the newest trend we’ve spotted in self-publishing: knocked-up heroines! Big bellies are everywhere, friends. In this offering, heroine Meg is pregnant by her violent ex. Hot cop (and mega Alpha) Scott overhears her friends plotting to give Meg a night of hot sex before the baby arrives. Scott volunteers. I am giggling, but honestly, Phillips is a contemporary master, and reviews are super positive.
Buy it: $3.99 at Amazon,, Kobo, iTunes

10 Years Later by J. Sterling
Published: April 2015
Genre: Contemporary
The Story: I love a good high school reunion romance so, so much. It’s my kryptonite, friends. I may have just RSVP’d to my own upcoming reunion 15 months in advance I was so excited. I mean, fine, I’m happily married so I won’t be connecting with the rock star I went to high school with (true story) (that’s a different trope). Instead, let us live vicariously through Sterling’s NYT bestseller, second-chance romance, the story of Cammie and Dalton, who haven’t seen each other in 10 years. Only there’s those lingering feelings to consider …
Buy it: $3.99 Amazon,, Kobo, iTunes

Getting It All by Erin Nicholas
Published: April 2015
Genre: Contemporary
The Story: If you’re a contemporary fan and you haven’t tried Erin Nicholas yet, you are really missing out. Her books are great! Getting It All, the latest in her Sapphire Falls series, has my heart because the hero is super ready for the marriage and the heroine is all “Yeah … slow your roll.” I’m paraphrasing, of course. So: farmer Tucker (yes, I know) is hosting the four sons of his recently deceased best friend for the summer (got it?). Delaney is the boys’ new guardian. She’s pretty focused on the whole parenting thing, which, we mean, four boys. We’re with you, Delaney. Only Tucker has other ideas. Will he leave bridal magazines around? Pictures of engagement rings he likes? Nah, he’ll woo her with his uber-sexiness. Girl doesn’t stand a chance.
Buy it: $3.99 on Amazon,, Kobo, iTunes

The Mad Tatter by J.M. Darhower 
Published: April 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
The Story: I love a clever title, so I was powerless to resist the allure of Darhower’s latest, which has been at the top of Amazon’s romance charts. He’s a dark and tortured tattoo artist. She’s a talented ballerina. Readers love Darhower, and this isn’t your typical bad boy, good girl romance, taking us beyong the clichés. We’re in!
Buy it: $3.99 at Amazon, (paperback $10.50)

Have you read any of these titles? Let us know what you think in the comments! We would also love to hear about your favorite self-published romances. For more love stories head over to our Everything Romance page.

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