September Mystery Overview

People usually turn to books for a comfortable and safe means of escape. But this month’s mystery recommendations finds booklovers, literary establishments and famous characters cast in a darker light when they became entangled with murder. Take a look:


In Louise Penny’s How the Light Gets In, a bookstore owner winds up dead and when her identity as one of a set of famous quintuplets is revealed. Inspector Gamache must figure out why she was in hiding and if her death is related to her past or present. As if that isn’t enough to deal with, Gamache’s enemies are still out to get him. Retirement certainly isn’t treaing him well.

Librarians are the targets of these next murders, and things get a little … well, kinky in Mama Gets Trashed by Deborah Sharp. While rummaging through the dump in an attempt to find her mother’s wedding ring, Mace finds a diamond bracelet instead — attached to a dead, bondage-clad body. Turns out, the body is that of Camilla Law, the town librarian. Mace and Mama must race against the clock to uncover the murderer’s identity and to prevent Mama from becoming the next target! And in Denise Swanson’s Murder of a Stacked Librarian, librarian Yvonne Osborn turns up dead and police chief Wally Boyd has to put his upcoming nuptials aside to determine who killed Yvonne and why. Did her overly haughty attitude finally push someone over the edge?

Last, but not least, an actress famous for her portrayal of The Red Queen in a Broadway production of Alice in Wonderland is a possible third victim in a string of murders in The Red Queen Dies by Frankie Y. Bailey. Detective Hannah McCabe has to lean on children’s literature to help her find the clues she needs to crack the case and prevent even more terrible murders from happening.


Literature has never been so dangerous, no? Be sure to pick up these thrilling reads in stores or online today. And for even more mysteries to solve, head on over to our Everything Mystery Page!



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