Spooky Fun on Wattpad: Our October 2016 Picks

One of our current favorite reading tools is Wattpad, a reading and writing platform that is, from a reader perspective, basically an ebook subscription service — without the subscription. Readers can access thousands of stories, for free, any time via Wattpad’s website or app. We’re in a spooky mood this month as Halloween approaches, so we’ve got a paranormal theme to our October picks. Happy reading! 

UNINVITED by Kady Cross — A fun thing about Wattpad is discovering new authors, but you can also find authors you already love! Which to us is a total bonus. Take, for instance, this ghost story from Kady Cross, whose YA steampunk you may already love! (Romancelandia excerpts will also know Kady from one of her other monikers, including Kathryn Smith and Kate Locke.) In Uninvited, Cross gives us a goose bump-worthy ghost story about a group of teens who spend the night in a haunted house. As the blurb warns, “evil spirits don’t like Uninvited guests …”

REMEMBER ME by Christopher Pike — We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Christopher Pike’s Remember Me, one of the best paranormal YA to come out of the 80s — or, if you ask some of the RT editors, yannow, ever. No matter your Pike-level devotion (RT’s Elissa is at Defcon One basically forever), Remember Me is an excellent ghost story, starring new ghost Shari Cooper, who’s trying to figure out what happened to her. It’s, forgive us, haunting. Read it, read it, read it, read it.

THE RISING by Kwesi Woode — If you’re looking for a long (54-part!) Urban Fantasy read, why not check out The Rising? As an apocalypse looms, various members of secret societies work to fend off disaster. There are quite a few perspectives and action to keep up with in this fun read that’ll get you right in the Halloween spirit.

THE CELLAR by Natasha Preston — Need your horror fix this Halloween? Then we humbly suggest The Cellar — though this abduction tale is definitely not for the faint of heart. Summer is grabbed and imprisoned along with three other girls. Their captor calls them by flower names — and it is as creepy as it sounds. You might want to read this one during the day, with the lights one, when someone else is home. 

Do you have any Wattpad favorites? Let us know! And check out our favorite picks here

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