Stuck Between Floors: Meeting a Muse at the RT Booklovers Convention

DEEP INTO TROUBLE by Dawn RyderEvery year the RT Booklovers Convention brings readers and industry professionals together to celebrate one of our favorite things — books! Readers and book enthusiasts from around the world come together to attend workshops, meet-n-greets and some really rockin’ parties. It goes without saying that new friends are made, bonds are formed and sometimes, an author even finds a muse. At least that’s what happened to Dawn Ryder at the 2014 RT Booklovers Convention in New Orleans! In fact, we were fortunate enough to meet Dawn’s muse (and hear her story) while we waited to enter the RT17 Spies, Spec-Ops Speakeasies party. We’ll let Dawn explain the rest …

The RT Book Lovers Convention is a blast. The people, the jumble of authors, readers, industry professionals … all together, you never know who you are talking to. In one such encounter, I found myself waiting on an elevator with a lovely gal named Morgan (pictured below). We were in New Orleans and the adventures were many…

Morgan was thrilled with the conference and the venue. She’d been out into the French Quarter and began to share a few happenings. Now that’s RT, you can make any moment a great one with a little ‘enjoy the moment’ thinking.

Morgan is a librarian. Connecting great reads with readers is something she does well. She’d met a dancer who was thrilled to hear we were all in town. In fact, Morgan was going to take a signed book back to the dancer. Morgan had the book and the search for the dancer was on her list of things to do. By the time we succeeded in getting an elevator, I was giving Morgan a high-five and telling her to make sure she blasted the theme to Raiders of the Lost Ark before she stepped onto the pavement.

Dawn's muse, Morgan
Morgan reads a page from the book she inspired, Deep Into Trouble

I love the different venues RT chooses. There is always a new experience waiting for me. The French Quarter was a delight to every one of the senses. So full of life and mystery. The music, the food, the way the people interacted with one another is all there in my memory. I felt the book taking shape before I got on the plane to go home.

Deep Into Trouble is the result of that conference. Yes the Unbroken Heroes was a series I had started with Dangerous to Know … and after New Orleans and meeting Morgan, the third book had a home as far as my muse was concerned. You can pick up a copy today.

Happy reading and never stop having adventures!

Deep Into Trouble  is available now in digital and print. Digital copies start at $7.99, grab yours here: Amazon | BN | Google Play | iBooks | Kobo. If you’re curious about what else has happened at various RT Booklovers Conventions of yore, you can find out here.

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