Taylor Swift is Clearly Living in a New Adult Romance

We spent the weekend — in between reading, of course — watching Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” video on repeat. Known for her romantic disasters as well as her twangy, upbeat music (we bought her album the very first day it was out, we’ll have you know), we think we’ve discovered Taylor’s problem with love. She’s living in a New Adult romance, and she just doesn’t know it.

To the tape! 


You start out so optimistic, Taylor! Sure, you’ve got baggage. You’re the rock star, which is a nice change of pace.

Pretty Taylor!

You look like that, he looks like this — you two are inevititable, says your promiscuous best friend (not pictured).

Pretty Sean!

And for a while, things are good. Like, Gatsby good. And we all know what that means.

He's wearing a cape, hotly. That's talent!

Kissy kissy!

source, source

Of course, things soon go sour, because when does a man who looks that good behave that well, right off the bat? Never when you’re in a New Adult romance, Taylor — the book would be very short! So pretty soon suspicion sets in. But our girl TSwift isn’t having it. Hence: DRAMA. (The lifeblood of New Adult.)

Ruh roh

She’s mad.

Taylor yells.

She cannot. Deal. With. This. She. Is. An. Angry. New. Adult. Heroine.

Hoo boy


Also, you’re in a New Adult romance, so obviously there’s going to be some sort of physical altercation. 

Really mad.

Or two.

Get it, girl!

Alas, because Taylor’s story is not yet over, this is essentially where we leave her, smashing this hot guy’s car and then moving onto the next. Terrible! But we’re sure she’s got some more albums in her, and soon enough she’ll find her guy — turn that bad boy good, reunite with her high school sweetheart, move in next to someone really hot. Once you figure out your trope, things will be much easier, we promise! 

Which genre should Taylor’s next video tackle? Sound off in the comments! And for more NA fun, visit our Everything Young Adult page!

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