The Bucket List: Rebecca Yarros Edition

Everybody has a bucket list, but how many of us actually follow through and actually set out to check every item off it? In Rebecca Yarros’s Eyes Turned Skyward, a young woman decides to complete her list before undergoing a life-changing surgery. To help celebrate the book’s release, we asked Rebecca to share her own top 10 bucket list items. Here’s what she had to say:

Ah, the bucket list. Maybe it sounds crazy, but I make one every New Year’s Eve. I number a page from 1 to 100, and then let my mind wander to everything I long to do before I kick that proverbial bucket. One hundred sounds like a huge number, right? It is, and that’s the point. Up to fifty, the ideas come flying out. Past that? I have to dig deep for some, and give into the oddest longings for others. It’s amazing what the last ten reveal about who I’m becoming. Then, once I’m finished, I take out last year’s list and compare the two. I rejoice in the ones I’ve crossed off, think about the ones I need to work harder to accomplish and daydream about others. But I never look at last year’s before I make this year’s, because I’m not the same as I was last year, and I’d hate for that girl to influence the year to come. Some items aren’t checked off, just let go, because they’re not as important as they were last year.

This year, I checked a major item by publishing my first novel, Full Measures. Now I’m checking it off again with the release of Eyes Turned Skyward! In Eyes Turned Skyward, Paisley Donovan is a 20-year-old girl with a heart condition and a bucket list. She’s working her way down it, trying to make sure she’s really lived before she has to make a medical decision that will alter her life. Jagger Bateman pulls her from the water when one of her tasks goes astray and makes her question love, loyalty and what she’s living for.

Love is always first on my bucket list. Every year, no matter what, my first item is to love my husband. Boring to some, but our love is the foundation the rest of our life is built on. Then I have the boring ones like “move home to Colorado” and “get our six kids into good colleges.”

But let’s look at a few of the not boring ones. Here’s my top 10 non-boring bucket list items. 😉

10. Visit Machu Picchu. Wander the Inca Trail? Yes, please! Because I’m a total history nerd and we love to travel, this is a definite must.

9. Skydive. Why? Because it scares the living snot right out of me, and hey, everyone should do something that scares them at least once. But my husband might have to push me out of the airplane.

8. Learn to speak Italian. Non-boring because I’m pretty sure Italians don’t know the meaning of boring. The last time my husband and I were there for our tenth-anniversary cruise, I swore I’d learn. Better haggling over leather prices that way. 

7. Get a Harry Potter “Always” tattoo. Because Harry Potter … that’s why.

6. Visit the Great Pyramids. Because history.

5. Climb a 14’er. Let’s face it, 14,000 feet is above the tree-line, which makes it a real mountain, but less ambitious than, oh … K2.

4. Dive the Great Barrier Reef. Wait … I guess I should put “become certified to dive,” too. Because pretty fishes.

3. Take my husband to see Pearl Jam. They always seem to tour when my husband’s deployed, and they’re his big bucket list item, and seeing him smile? Well, that’s quite possibly my favorite thing ever. 

2. Take a helicopter tour over Bora Bora. Do they even do that? Because pretty water, vacation and Bora Bora. No more to explain.

1. Adopt our daughter. We’ve been foster parents over a year now to our amazing daughter, and she’s our greatest adventure!

Rebecca Yarros

Eyes Turned Skyward is available now, so be sure to purchase your copy today! Check out our Everything YA page for even more new adult books, authors and buzz!

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