The Girl on the Train Movie Recap

Girl on the Train movie posterFor those of you who think the biggest hurdles of your morning commute are securing your own seat and keeping your cup of coffee steady — be grateful you were never on Rachel Watson’s train. 

Most think very little of their time on the tracks, yet author Paula Hawkins morphs this mundane routine into a suspenseful tale of deceit with The Girl on the Train, the catalyst that shot her to superstardom in the thriller genre. The film adaptation is out October 7, and RT got an early sneak peek of what fans can look forward to this Friday. (There’s still time to enter our giveaway to win a gift card to see the film!) 

We’re immediately pulled into Rachel’s world, where the divorcée finds comfort for her losses through alcohol, and lives dangerously close to her ex-husband and his much-hated, realtor-turned-wife Anna — so much so that we can’t help but think that living in such close proximity has severely affected Rachel’s mental health. After all, she does call his cell and show up to his home uninvited quite a bit …

While commuting into Manhattan on daily basis, even though she has been unemployed for over a year, Rachel looks out from the train window and watches the ideal couple living next to her ex. But this relationship only looks pristine to an outsider. Without ever really knowing this mystery woman and her husband, Rachel soon becomes consumed by the woman’s disappearance … and murder. 

As the lives of these women intertwine and secrets are revealed, viewers are treated to twists and turns until they discover what’s really going on. Amid horrific wrongdoings, the atmosphere is grim and helpless, while the issues of infidelity and infertility are enough to break the hearts of anyone who’s watching. The ending might have wrapped up a bit too conveniently, and the complete absorption in Rachel’s life might feel overwhelming at times, but the movie is certainly one you’ll regret missing. 

When leaving the theater, one thing stood out to me above all else — above the actors, the believability. I could not help but realize that Hawkins has written some crazy material. The mystery and thriller genre has gifted us with some gems over the past several years — especially from female writers — and you have to really appreciate the creativity that sparked this dark, twisted tale. Though I’m one to read the book and then see the movie, this time, I’ve been inspired to do the opposite.

I look forward to taking this one on my early-morning commute, where I will be nose-deep in my book, blocking out what might appear to be perfect from the windows of the train.

Check out the trailer below:


The Girl on the Train appears in theaters on October 7. If you haven’t read the book yet, digital copies start at $9.99. Grab yours here: Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks | Google Play | Omni Lit, or find a copy at your local bookstore on IndieBound. For more mysterious reads, stop by our Everything Mystery page!

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