Tiffany King’s Nerdy Gift Buying Guide

We love nerds, it’s true. But sometimes they can be a pain to shop for because we don’t always know where to start or what exactly they’re nerdy for. But thanks to Tiffany King, whose latest NA romance, Contradictions, stars a nerdy hero, we have a few gift ideas — perfect for those wanting to get a jump start on Valentine’s Day, like us. 

Opposites attract … or so the saying goes. Inspired by my latest release, Contradictions, here’s a list of Trent and Tressa-approved, his-and-her gift ideas to spice up the relationship with your comic book-reading, sci-fi/fantasy-watching, technology-obsessed significant other. There may even be a thing or two on the list you secretly want for yourself, because let’s face it. We’re all a little nerdy, in our own way.


Officially Licensed Star Trek Boxer Brief Shorts

Beam me up, Scotty, because geeky is sexy, especially when little is left to the imagination.

Get them here!

Super Hero Nail Decals

If she likes doing her nails anyway, why not adorn them with some of Earth’s mightiest hero’s. It’s a win-win.

Find these over on Etsy!

Doctor Who TARDIS Table Lamp

Nothing like a little mood lighting to add some romantic ambiance to your evening. Don’t believe me? Consult the doctor.

Purchase this lamp and more at ThinkGeek!

RPG Scented Oils

Before you think I’m crazy, let’s be clear. We’re not talking about ten-day old, chainmail armor wearing body odor. On the contrary, add a dab of white honey, vanilla and rose amber to your wrist, and lie back as your leather-and-musk scented knight in shining armor arrives to claim his queen.

Appeal to every sense here.


When they say they like role playing games, chances are your significant other was talking about the board game variety. That being said, I seriously doubt they’ll object to your fulfilling their ultimate fantasy. Wink, wink.

Channel your inner Wonder Woman!

Fancy a Man of Steel?

Well, there you have it — a few ideas to keep things romantically interesting for geeky but adorable couples everywhere. The rest is up to you. Enjoy!

Tiffany King

Do you have your own nerdy gift ideas? Share them in the comments below! And for more sizzling New Adult reads, visit our Everything Young Adult page!

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