Trusting Liam by Molly McAdams — Excerpt and Giveaway!

Hey, hey, it’s Thursday! Feel like an excerpt break? And a giveaway? Us too! Today we’ve got for you Molly McAdams’s Trusting Liam, starring the offspring of couples from Taking Chances and Forgiving Lies. Starring a one-night stand in Vegas that becomes less so … hijinx and twists and steaminess abound, as in all McAdams titles! Check out the excerpt below, where Liam realizes the sexy “Moon,” whom he spent one night with, is his boss’ niece. And then enter to win one of five copies below! (Open to U.S. residents only, sorry!)

This isn’t fucking happening.

My eyes widened as I looked at the identical twin girls talking with Eli about the job interview they’d just come back from, and my mind raced as I tried to deny what I was seeing.

Long black hair. Dark blue eyes. Tall, slender, yet curvy bodies covered in tattoos. Smiles I’d thought of for months.

Memories from a night in Vegas a year ago flashed through my mind as I looked at her. No, no, no. This can’t be happening. That can’t be her. That can’t be Moon.

But there was no denying it was her. The one girl who had slipped out before I’d woken up … the one girl I thought I’d never see again … was now standing a dozen feet away from me and talking to my boss—her uncle.

“This can’t be happening,” I murmured, and quickly stepped back and shut myself in my office before Eli or the girls could notice me.

I’d been in Vegas for one reason. Business. After the meetings were over for the week, I’d gone out with a few guys to grab some drinks since we would be heading home the next day. We’d ended up in three different clubs, gotten more drinks at each one, and hung out and danced with a group of girls we’d met at the last one … but I hadn’t seen Moon until we’d all started leaving.

Even as she danced between two guys, her eyes locked on mine and a teasing smile crossed her face. I’d told my group to leave without me, and had pulled her away from the men as if she’d belonged to me. Because that night, she had. It could’ve been the drinks, it could’ve been the music, but even in the club we’d been pulling each other closer and grabbing for each other like there was no one else there—I don’t remember even actually dancing. And when her sister came up saying they were going back to their hotel, I hadn’t stopped to think before telling her to come back with me.

I groaned and rested my forehead against the door as I remembered that night with her. Even though I’d been drunk, I could remember it with perfect clarity. Just like I could remember the feeling of disappointment when I’d woken up the next morning and she was gone.

I’d thought then that I would never see her again, and I had nothing other than the memory of her, and a tattoo of a black, crescent-shaped moon on her side, to help me find her again. I knew it would be impossible, so I hadn’t tried. And now? She’d more or less fallen into my hands.

I knew I needed to tell Eli that I already knew his nieces—one better than he’d probably like to hear. But I couldn’t. I didn’t believe in fate, but, shit, I wasn’t about to question how or why this was happening. I just knew I needed a chance to talk to her again, and if this was my chance, I would take it

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Trusting Liam is out next week, in print and digital, so be sure to pick up a copy! And for more New Adult releases, be sure to check out our Everything YA page. 

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