Try This Trope: Secret Babies

We love a secret baby plotline. There’s so much inherent drama, so much angst that needs to be dealt with. We love (reading about) angst a whole lot. Here are a few of our absolute favorite secret baby books, in case you’re in the mood for some Baby Mama Drama (who isn’t?).

Simply Irresistible by Rachel GibsonSimply Irresistible by Rachel Gibson

The Set-Up: She’s a runaway bride, leaving her aging millionaire groom at the altar. He’s a commitmentphobic hockey player, attending the nuptials of his team’s owner under duress. Is it a conflict of interest to give her a ride — and one hot night? Probably. So the next morning John sends Georgeanne packing. Seven years later … John realizes he’s a dad to six-year-old Lexie — and that he wants Georgeanne in his life. Complications, of course, ensue …

Why You Want to Read It: Gibson’s 1998 debut was very well received (it got an RT Top Pick!). The story remains beloved for its multifaceted heroine (she starts out as a gold digger!) as well as for its charm and humor. 

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A Little DareA Little Dare by Brenda Jackson

The Set-up: Ten years ago, Dare Westmoreland broke Shelly’s heart, so she left town without ever telling him she was pregnant with his child. But now she’s back. Dare’s the sheriff, and Shelly needs his help with their boy, who’s started getting into trouble. 

Why You Want to Read It: Brenda Jackson’s Westmorelands are always a treat to read. And this story features the long reunited lovers trope, which is awesome, plus a secret baby turned petulant kid. Read it, and let Brenda convince you that true love never dies. 

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Nobody’s Baby But Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The Set-up: Genius physicist Jane wants a baby, real bad. And being a genius she knows just what she needs — someone with good genes, which will complement her own brainy DNA. Enter Chicago Stars lineman Cal. Jane pretends to be a prostitute, and it all goes haywire from there. SEP at her finest.

Why You Want to Read It: Listen, as a romance fan we’re pretty sure you want to read everything SEP writes — if you haven’t already. This match up is one for the books, as Jane and Cal fumble their way toward each other — and baby makes three.

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So what do you think, do you have a thing for secret babies? C’mon, you can tell us. For more romantic tropes to try, visit our Everything Romance page!

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