Unbosoming: Christine Feehan

Lorraine HeathTo “unbosom” is to, per Merriam-Webster, “disclose thoughts or feelings of oneself.” And because we can never know enough about the authors who write our very favorite books, we created our Unbosoming questionnaire to find out more, more, more! Today Christine Feehan, whose RT Top Pick! Dark Legacy is out soon, submitted to our whims. 

What was the first book you read that meant something to you?

Little Women, both for the story and the fact the author found it so hard to publish just because she was a woman.

What book do you wish you could live in?

The Swiss Family Robinson because I want to live in that treehouse!

What book are you an evangelist for?

The entire Mary Russell Series by Laurie R. King. I love a good mystery, then add in Sherlock Holmes! Count me in!

What trope most mirrors your life?

The kick-ass woman. She gets knocked down but gets right back up.

What book has been in your TBR pile the longest?

Lisa Kleypas’s Blue-Eyed Devil. I love her books! I love her historicals, and want to read all of her contemporary books now!

If we pulled up next to you at a stoplight, what song would you be shamelessly singing?

Bob Seger’s “You’ll Accompany Me.”

If your ghost haunted a place, where would it would it be?

The world’s largest library of course!

Who do you want to hug right now?

My granddaughters, Zara and Shylah. I always want to hug my grandchildren!

What do you do when you’re feeling discouraged?

I love going for walks in the garden or on the beach. And of course reading something with a happily ever after!

If you could only vacation at one place for the rest of your life, where would it be?

On a secluded island full of beautiful waterfalls and wondrous beaches! 

What’s your favorite thing to do with your spare time?

Be with friends and family. Most people who read my books know how important family and close friends are to me.

What’s the last book that you bought?

Kim Jones’s Sinner’s Creed series.

Spike or Angel?


What’s your favorite fandom?

And I’m a super fan of the show Elementary!

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