Unbosoming … Rachel Van Dyken

Rachel Van DykenTo “unbosom” is to, per Merriam-Webster, “disclose thoughts or feelings of oneself.” And because we can never know enough about the authors who write our very favorite books, we created our Unbosoming questionnaire to find out more, more, more! Today Rachel Van Dyken, whose new contemporary romance The Bachelor Auction is out this week, submitted to our whims. 

Tell us about your new book. The Bachelor Auction centers around a matchmaking grandfather, his straight-laced CEO grandson and a forced auction for the company. It’s a fun contemporary take on Cinderella but the prince isn’t so … princely. He may be a bit naughty and a whole lot of alpha. 

What was the first book you read that meant something to you? Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. I sobbed my eyes out, to this day its one of my favorite romances of all time. 

What book do you wish you could live in? EVERY Harry Potter book. 

What book are you an evangelist for? I’m a HUGE fan of Jessica Prince so I’m constantly pimping out her latest, Opposites Attract.

What trope most mirrors your life? Mafia Romance, sans guns. Kidding! Probably “I just fell for my enemy trope.”

What book is next in your TBR pile? Right now Audrey Carlan’s latest in The Lotus House Series! I keep promising myself I can read it once I hit my next deadline. Love her as a person and as an author.

If we pulled up next to you at a stoplight, what song would you be shamelessly singing? “Closer,” Chainsmokers/Halsey

What fictional character do you wish you could have lunch with? Jon Snow. (But, he’s real, right?)

Who is your most-enduring book boyfriend? Probably Sergio Abandanato from The Eagle Elite Series

If your ghost haunted a place, where would it would it be? The wine pantry.

Who do you want to hug right now? My Grandma Nadine. I used to do weekly dates with her but we live five hours away now; she’s 89 and a rockstar.

What do you do when you’re feeling discouraged? I pray. Take walks. Drink wine. And talk to my husband, or text author Lauren Layne with all caps. 😉

If you could only vacation at one place for the rest of your life, where would it be? Disneyland. It’s the happiest place on earth…

What’s your favorite thing to do with your spare time? Read 😉 I love books. 

Angel or Spike? I was ALWAYS on team Angel, also, this question makes me feel really old. 

For more Unbosoming inquisitions, click here! And if you’d like, you can grab your copy of The Bachelor Auction, out tomorrow, here: Amazon | BN.com | iTunes | Kobo | GooglePlay. Digital copies start at $ 4.99.

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