Welcome To The Point: Meet Jay Crownover’s Latest Heroes

There are bad boys, and then there are the men of Jay Crownover’s latest New Adult series, Welcome to the Point. They take mad, bad and dangerous to know to the next level! Let’s get to know them — who knows, you might meet your next book boyfriend!

Race: Race Hartman is the quintessential rich kid from the Hill. Born into wealth and privilege, and a life of perpetual boredom and monotony. Until one night his fancy car almost gets stolen and he’s put on a collision course with a life of crime — and a different destiny altogether. He not only found his best friend that night in Shane Baxter, but also hints of the man he was meant to be. Race was destined for greatness, to be a king, but no one is more surprised than he when his crown becomes tarnished and battered, and the kingdom he’s set to rule is filled with broken people, absent laws and despair. It will take a Bold man to build the Point back up, and Race is the only man for the job.

Bax: Shane Baxter, known as Bax to most, is a product of the Point.A thief, a liar and an excon, he’s just as hard and unforgiving as the streets that raised him. He knows the Point inside and out and has made a life for himself on the other side of the law. He never meant to drag his golden, privileged best friend, Race Hartman, down into the gutter, but now that they’re there, they may as well make the most of it. Bax thrives in the darkness and is at home in the dirt and blood that line the streets. Never a good man, he’s has no use for softness or kindness, because on these city streets only the baddest of the Bad survive.

Titus: Titus King is a hard man in an even harder place. Trying to keep law and order somewhere as wild and unrepentant as the Point can tear at a man’s soul. Yet this cop can’t picture doing anything else, even if his job is thankless and his only family a criminal with a rap sheet as long as his arm. One of the reasons Titus originally got into law enforcement was to help his wayward half-brother Shane Baxter stay out of trouble, only now it’s not just Shane in the mire. He’s gone and dragged his best friend Race into the mix too. It will take a Brave man to keep the city and everyone he cares about in it safe.

Nassir: When you live in a place that’s hell on earth, you’re going to run into the devil. And in the Point, he wears a designer suit and has his hands in all kinds of illegal activity. Dark and shady, this man with a past makes the things that happen in the Point look like child’s play. Nassir is just as deadly and dangerous as he is alluring and compelling. Even though Race and Bax are stuck doing business with him, they don’t have to like it. There’s no running a criminal enterprise without a man at the head of the table, and in the Point, that man is Nassir Gates. If Race is the King, Bax is the unruly prince, Titus the black knight at the castle door, then Nassir is the wizard; the magical madman behind the scenes. Corrupt, dirty, awful … but magic nonetheless.

Stark: Atticus Stark isn’t a man who wants anything to do with the Point but time and time again, his old friend Race Hartman seeks him out for his computer knowledge and technical know how, and he can’t seem to turn him away. Stark is smart … really smart … too smart to get caught up in the crime and corruption just outside his door, yet every time Race or one of his associates knocks, he lets them in. Maybe it’s because his life has gotten so boring and so predictable. Maybe it’s because Race was one of the few people from his youth who never teased him for being such a geek. No matter why, Stark is up to his tattooed neck in Point business and telling right from wrong is getting harder to do.

Booker: Noah Booker is a bad man who has done bad things. He spent a good chuck of his youth in jail and now that he’s out, his only goal is to get in good with the men running the Point. He’s got no marketable skills other than being a badass brute, so that’s what he’ll use to make himself invaluable to the underground elite. The Point was made for men like Booker, men with no hope, no future and no light left inside. He’ll do what he’s told, take bullets meant for others and prove that he’s not only loyal to the men operating in the shadows but to the darkness as well.

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