Younger Recap: S1.E.10 "The Boy with the Dragon Tattoo"

You guys, lots of legitimately twisty surprises this week! This show is getting really good. Let’s get to it. 

Debi, Liza and Josh are taking a mattress out to the dumpster — the ladies’ neighbor has bedbugs. Debi is taking no chances — don’t blame ya, girl! Horror stories abound about those little mofos. Debi has called a precautionary exterminator and heads out of town for two days. Liza is staying with Josh.

At work, Liza’s grassroots campaign for the manuscript her publisher hasn’t even bought yet (the plotline we were just going to let go?) is in full swing. Apparently Liza’s suburban buddy Joanne has been busy spreading the word. Hilary is excited and tells Liza they need to talk to hottie Charles. Liza presents the book and graciously allows Diana to take credit. But Charles only has eyes for Liza, and Diana is not pleased.

Benedict sings Let it Go
Is the Internet a magical place, or what?

(I mean, real talk: How could any of this be happening if they didn’t already own the book? Charles is all, I’ll read it tonight, NBD, meanwhile in the real world, a bidding war would be brewing. (I’m not even going to get into how the book is being shared amongst suburban book clubs, via unpublished, unedited, unpurchased PDF.)

Elsa is Over It!

Moving on!

Hilary rolls her eyes at Diana and insists Liza, Josh, Hil and Thad go out for a double date. (Also Thad is the perfect character name.) They toast their success with a side of awkwardness — they look at the placemats in the Chinese restaurant and rate their compatibility based on their birth year. Josh says he and Liza sadly aren’t compatible, because she was “born” in 1988 — the year of the dragon. Liza fumbles but makes it out of the conversation unscathed.

Josh tells Liza is keep mum on the potential bedbug infestation to his roommates — and once again, I have to say, this show gets all the Brooklyn plotlines like 90 percent correct. They head back to Josh’s place where some friends are surprise crashing. One of the friends asks, upon being introduced to Liza, “So, is this your new girlfriend?” The awkwardness with which Josh replies is epic.

Josh rolls over in the morning, but Liza’s already at work after a sleepless night. Hilary offers to let Liza stay with her and Lauren, Liza is super psyched. Charles liked the book and tells Hilary to call and make an offer.

Good news for us: the author is Ana Gasteyer, playing a disgruntled English teacher. She leaves her class in the middle of the day. This is another thing that would never happen, but: Ana Gasteyer! So sure!

Leo's letting it go.

Their meeting goes swimmingly. Hilary and Liza head home, and Liza discovers that Hilary and Lauren live with Todd and Denise — Lauren’s parents! HA x 1,000,000. This would also totally happen. New York is very expensive, kids!

Denise (Kathy Najimy! The guest stars keep coming!) designs jewelry while Todd runs a hedge fund. This also happens all the time. She’s happy to have more guests, and is lovely and welcoming. During girl talk, Liza promises Denise she’ll ignore Josh’s text until the next morning — to let him chase her, a bit. She caves, of course. Todd comes in and kind of lurks.

Diana calls a meeting with Ana, the girls and Charles. To reveal that Ana’s book is totally plagiarized. I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. Ana is unapologetic, she’s written thirteen books in every different genre and gotten no bites. Diana throws Liza under the bus. Ana apologizes for lying — she says the lies just got out of control. Liza says she gets it.

Liza and Debi are reunited. Hilary comes to Brooklyn to help Liza drink away her troubles. Oh my god, you guys. Josh got a dragon tattoo for Liza’s fake birth year. Holy crap.

Benedict is impervious.
Doesn’t it, though?

Two episodes left! Next week: things begin to unravel. As we wait, why not check out some more Younger recaps here?

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