Younger Recap: S1.E3

You guys. I like this show! It’s totally cute and fun. You’re watching, right? Then let’s get to the recap!

Josh and Liza are texting. He wants to go out. She finally relents. And then promptly opens her robe for Debi to assess her naked body. Debi is the best friend ever, and this is a show aimed at older women who want to believe we can pass for 26, so she’s super supportive. Liza admits she’s been in a bit of a dry spell.

Joining us for this week’s recap is your favorite
’80s cartoon undercover rockstar, Jem! 
(Because Sutton Foster’s also leading a double life — get it?
Of course you do.)

Liza brings her boss Diana a giant box which contains her killer new purse. (Literally, it’s made of sting ray and cobra. Heh. Don’t do that at home, okay, kids?) Diana asks for help with her dating profile pic. Liza hops to it.

Hilary’s still stalking that Swedish author, he’s reading at the Swedish consulate. She wants to get to him before he signs with Knopf. She also schools Liza on the acronym IRL but Liza covers pretty well because Sutton Foster is the greatest.

Jem Rocks Out
Living the dream, ladies.

Liza and Debi are driving to the Jerz to get ready for the movers, Liza sold the house. Debi sends a saucy text to Josh en route, and when they pull up they spy Liza’s ex carrying stuff to a moving van.

Okay, so this is expository but let’s just go with it: David hired movers and is going to put all their stuff in storage. Liza need everything in the house to be appraised (this is such a grown-up show, you guys). David apologizes and tells Liza to take everything, since he was a jerk (told ya this show was for the ladies). He walks off … without paying the movers.

Jem cries
Ugh, men.

Hilary is decked out to meet the author, Liza is excited for her date. Diana needs more help with her online dating. Liza accidentally bonds with Diana over how hard it is to date after 40. She helps her get a date with a guy who I’m going to guess isn’t actually as cute as his profile pic.

Hilary goes to the reading — which is in Swedish. She waits it out, and makes her move. She admits to the author (who is totally checking her out) that she doesn’t speak Swedish. He’s charmed by her, so they sneak out.

Liza and Josh are boozing. She’s nervous. He says he loves her honesty — because she’s lying, get it? Also, real talk: I get why at work she has to lie about her age, but why can’t she just tell Josh the truth? Is it because she lied to him up front? I ask because Josh is basically amazing: 1. He’s, like, texting her all the time to go out, how often does that happen when you’re 26? (It’s been awhile, but I remember: it’s rare). 2. He gets hit on by two other girls at the bar and boldly chooses Liza, right in front of them. Ugh, it’s the greatest.

Jem Fixes Her Hair
That’s right. Get ready, girl. ​

Liza agrees because we cut to the kids going at it. Liza is delighted when Josh takes off his shirt. She’s also super nervous, so she takes Debi’s Xanax. Atta girl. Except it’s too strong and she passes out on the floor. He covers her with a blanket because he is the greatest and I love him.

Diana’s nervously waiting for her online date. It turns out her “date” is a high school student who just wanted to see her purse. Haaaaa. Diana’s disappointed but bonds with the guy. She even lets him hold her purse.

Hilary is giving the author the hard sell. He’s charmed, but then Thad calls and so does the author’s wife.

Back at the house in Jersey, Liza and Debi are cleaning up. The consignment guy lowballs them, so they head to a Brooklyn flea market instead and clean up. Ha. This show!

Liza heads to Josh’s. She’s going to tell him the truth. Except they … get it on instead. Liza! I don’t know whether to cheer or scold.

Jem kiss
Sparks obviously fly.

Next week: More shenanigans!

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