Younger Recap: S1.E4

Did you catch last night’s Younger? This show continues to charm! And there’s a Gilmore Girls shout out, so. Basically the greatest. To the recap!

We open on a sex scene! Liza and Josh are getting to know each other real well. They have so much fun they break the bed. The morning after, they talk about their first times and Liza blows it immediately by telling Josh about the Nirvana concert she attended beforehand. Liza. The she goes all dudebro and tells him to just live in the present.

Vinny says cool, cool, cool
This episode is about alcohol and bad decisions,
so the men of Jersey Shore will be joining us, via GIF. Hey, Vinny!


A giddy Liza gloats to Debi, then quickly starts fretting about all the lying. Neurotic girl FTW. (I feel you, Liza.) Debi tells her to just enjoy herself.

Hilary signed her Swedish author, Anton! They go out to celebrate. Hilary’s publicist buddy Lauren is there to make Liza feel old. They discuss whether they were for Jonathan Taylor Thomas or Andrew Keegan. Liza has no idea who they’re talking about even though she has a teenage daughter (though, fine, Kaitlyn’s probably too young to have been into those boys. I used to crush on Kirk Cameron, so what do I even know? (We are super broken up, Kirk.) ) I forgive the show also because the ladies hilariously discuss how they could 100 percent have sex with Jonathan Taylor Thomas now. True story!

Hilary tells Liza she can’t get super drunk because she has to meet with her author in the a.m. (She’s clearly going to have an affair with him, right?) Thad shows up and orders tequila shots. Liza looks on disapprovingly as Hilary slams a bunch of shots. Oh, to be 26 again. JK. That sounds terrible. 


Hilary is drunk as a skunk. She wants to go get a tattoo from Josh. Ha. This show. Thad tells us he doesn’t do Brooklyn. S’cool, buddy. We don’t want ya. Thad bails, and Hilary hilariously tells us he’s going home to bingewatch Gilmore Girls. Hee. Stars Hollow forever. That would be my tattoo.

As they Uber to Brooklyn, Hilary texts Anton to tell him he’s hot. Liza disapproves. Hilary cackles. The tattoo shop is closed. So Hilary starts screaming Josh’s name and then breaks his window. Josh pops his head out of window — with a hot blonde right behind him. Hilary pukes in a trash can.

A shirtless Josh and bedraggled blonde come down to see what’s up. Liza manages to hail a cab (this would NEVER happen) and she shoves Hilary in.

Cabs are Here

In the morning Liza’s bemoaning Josh’s promiscuity to Debi. Debi points out that Liza seems to have moved beyond fling status. Probably shouldn’t have lied about everything, huh, Liza?

A hungover Hilary oversleeps, leaving Anton waiting. Diana notices Anton sitting alone and tries to help after Liza covers and says she gave Hilary Ambien, as opposed to many shots of tequila. Anton is not appeased.

Hilary tries to blame Liza but Liza moms her into take responsibility for her actions.

Hilary goes to Anton’s to apologize and tells him the whole truth. He shows her the text she sent last night. She’s charming enough that he takes her back — then kisses her. Told you. He says, “We both get one mistake.” Cocky bastard.

Yeah Buddy

Liza and Josh apologize to each other. Josh explains the blonde was an ex who shows up occasionally, he didn’t think it was a big deal to be with her because Liza wanted to be all in the present. Ugh, they are so charming together. Josh asks about Liza’s last relationship — aka her marriage that he doesn’t know about. She says it was boring, then gives a very abbreviated version of the past several decades. Then she lies about being in India. They make up. Liza, this was your window, girl! They kiss.

Pauly D and his banana are not impressed.
Truer words, bro.

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