Younger Recap: S1.E9 "I’m with Stupid"

And we’re back after a weeklong break to live it up in Dallas at the RT convention! We are mostly recovered, and ready for our Younger recap. This episode is for all of us booklovers, where we attend a suburban book club and Liza discovers that Josh doesn’t like to read. gasp

Liza’s breakfasting at a diner, where she runs into the hot older work guy. She’s reading Tolstoy, which he digs. He tells her to look at the slush pile sometime. They flirt.

When she gets to work, she and Hilary giggle over the terribleness of said slush pile (aspiring authors, avert your eyes). Until Liza finds a manuscript she likes. Hilary warns her of the odds, but Liza keeps reading anyway, even as she’s walking home, which is something all book lovers can 100 percent relate to.

Keira walks and reads.
This is what we look like when we walk and read too! So weird.

She’s telling Josh about the manuscript, and then he says, “Oh, I’m not really much of a reader,” which is a terrible thing to say to a booklover.

We’ll admit: our love for Josh died a little bit.

Then he tells her to get ready to play dodgeball. LOL. I tell you what. This show, despite it’s unbelievable premise, gets a lot right about Brooklyn life. Liza gets a black eye. At the bar afterward, the kamikaze dodgeballer comes over to basically tell Liza she also slept with Josh, and that he’s fun — but dumb.

Stone Cold
Say it ain’t so, Josh!

Hilary helps Liza cover up her black eye. Liza tells her the manuscript held up, and Hilary tells her to go after the suburban moms to try and sell it. How is this going to happen if Liza works in publicity? And the book isn’t out, or purchased? I guess you could argue she’s trying to prove the market before going to acquisitions? Sure! So on the reality scale we have: Brooklyn life, yes. Publishing, less so.

Liza calls her mom friend and asks if she can suggest a book club pick.

At dinner, Liza’s still on a quest to unearth Josh’s IQ. I’d say this plotline comes out of nowhere, but everyone’s had this happen to them: you’re dating someone and an off-hand comment makes you doubt everything. It’s like the Cosmo quiz argument. Josh isn’t faring so well, he mispronounces gnocchi and tells her his brief time in college was spent smoking weed. Josh catches on and schools her on his awesomeness.

The next day, at least Liza feels terrible, and admits that if she could go back and actually be 20 again, she would totally go for a Josh over her ex poet husband. Debi tells Liza she’s probably trying to push Josh away because she knows it’s all going to end, anyway.

Liza shows up at book club and hugs all her friends, who think she’s a lesbian because she’s living with Debi. They also all loved the book Liza found. Liza is psyched.

Rory loves books too.
We’ve all felt this way, Rory.

After trying to find him and apologize all over town, Liza shows up at dodge ball in a an effort to gain Josh’s forgiveness. They kiss and make up. It’s sweet. I mean, except for all the lies. 

Next week, it seems like Liza might be ready to come clean! As we wait, why not check out some more Younger recaps here?

Header photo courtesy of TV Land. 

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