2014 RT Convention Preview: Mystery/Thriller Genre Tracks

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Everybody enjoys a good thrill now and then, a spine-chilling mystery to get their hearts racing and their minds obsessing over clues. At this year’s RT Convention, some of today’s hottest voices from the mystery and thriller world will gather for exciting panels, lively conversations and valuable insights into today’s market. Let’s take a look, shall we?

First up, we have “The Violence Factor: Why Are So Many People Fascinated With Violence?” thriller panel on Wednesday, May 14. Join authors Tess Gerritsen, Anderson Harp, David Morrell, L.J. Sellers and F. Paul Wilson as they discuss violence in thrillers and how it can drive a story. They’ll also discuss where the line should be drawn, and what makes violence so fascinating.

On Thursday, author Andrew Peterson will moderate “The Darker Side of Thrillers,” a panel that will delve deeper into the darker elements of your favorite thrilling tales. Allison Brennan, Gennita Low, Leo J. Maloney, Christopher Rice and M.J. Rose will be in attendance to answer all your burning questions and offer their insights.

“What is a thriller without some violence?” asks panelist and author Gennita Low. “It tests the human spirit and pushes the characters to make difficult decisions.” She says she hopes “readers come away with the appreciation of the different subgenres of thrillers out there.”

And, last but not least, Friday brings readers the “Dangerous Dames” panel, starring Allison Brennan, Alafair Burke, Toni McGee Causey, Joanne Fluke, CJ Lyons and S.J. Rozan. This high-octane panel will focus on readers’ favorite crime-fighting women, and the authors will share their tips for creating kick-ass, smart, relatable heroines.

When asked to describe the “Dangerous Dames” panel, Allison Brennen said, “Fun. Dangerous. Interesting. Uplifting. Informative.” She also said it will be “an hour of fun and laughs, talking about murder and mayhem!”

Panelist CJ Lyons agrees, saying, “my hope is that attendees will learn that a strong female protagonist doesn’t mean creating a character who must live on the extremes of reality or past it.” She added, “you know the ones I mean: the Kill Bill types or ones who are beautiful, brilliant and perfect in every way, yet still dumb enough to go down into the basement despite the serial killer being on the loose.” She also hopes the panel tackles how to avoid stereotypes, why men get more recognition for their heroines while female writers don’t and how to keep the story as real — and entertaining — as possible.

Itching to attend these panels and learn the ins and outs of writing successful thrillers and mysteries? Then be sure to add them to your convention agenda today! For more convention news, visit the official site here.



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