2015 Book Hankerings: Erotica

Sure, we’ve all got a lot to look forward to, with the holidays so near. Presents! Cookies! New Year’s! But as vigilant bibliophiles, we’re also looking further ahead: to what great books 2015 will bring us! All this week the RT team will be presenting you with our most-wished-for titles of the new year. Today, we’re ogling 2015 Erotica releases!

Beyond Innocence by Kit Rocha
(Early 2015)

Readers get Jared’s book with the sixth in Rocha’s popular Beyond series, coming some time in the first half of 2015. We got a glimpse of the heroine, described as an “ice princess,” in the last book, so we’re looking forward to seeing how the two come together in Beyond Innocence.

Tight by Alessandra Torre

Alessandra Torre’s self-published work is definitely worth reading, and we raved about The Girl in 6E, so her next self-pub standalone, Tight, is on our list. According to the author, Tight is an erotic romance with some dark elements, and we bet they have something to do with the possible love triangle/mysterious woman in the book. Bring on the twists!

The Virgin and The Queen by Tiffany Reisz
(March and TBD)

Picking up soon after The King, The Virgin will follow Kingsley as he heads to Haiti, where he meets and falls in love with Juliette (FINALLY!) and Nora as she charms her way into a nun’s panties. GRABBY HANDS!

This is it! The Queen will be the last full-length novel in the Original Sinners series, and just typing that gets us a little misty eyed. We’re guessing there will be a novella epilogue of sorts, and some short stories to tide us over after that, but with The Queen we come full circle, and we can only expect Reisz will send everyone off with a bang.

Silver Bastard by Joanna Wylde

Joanna Wylde is finally delving into the Silver Bastards MC, a club she introduced early on in her Reapers MC series. It all starts with Silver Bastard. We met Puck, a quiet, standoffish tough guy, in Reaper’s Stand, and it’ll be interesting to see how (or even if) the Silver Bastards tie into the MC world Wylde has already created. Basically, Wylde could write about any MC and we’d read it.

Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren

We have to wait until September (so long!) for Dark Wild Night because in April, Lauren is releasing an unexpected continuation of their Beautiful Bastard series, Beautiful Secret, which will bridge the world between both series, so we obviously need to read it. Plus, hot British guy.

Ruin Rule by Pepper Winters

We’re always on the lookout for new MC romances, and Pepper Winters’s Ruin Rule is an edgy erotica that sounds promising. Arthur and Cleo grew up in the same MC together, and she testified against him and sent him to jail. Now that he’s out, his revenge involves kidnapping her, and with no memory of what happened before the kidnapping, Cleo sounds like the heroine of one very dark romance novel.

Mastered by Maya Banks

Maya Banks kicks off her new Enforcers series next August with Mastered. There’s no blurb yet, but we’re guessing the men in these novels have some sort of high-risk job. Maybe they’re bodyguards? Secret service? Regardless, we’re anticipating more sexy Alpha heroes from Banks!

Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

Finally, FINALLY! Lola and Oliver get their love story. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y. Book three of Lauren’s Wild Seasons series, Dark Wild Night, is something we’ve been waiting for since the first book. For some reason, Oliver is trying to get over Lola (they kissed in Vegas, but didn’t hook up and now they’re just friends) with another girl, which we can predict is probably not going to work too well. Unfortunately, we have to wait until September to get the whole story.

Omega by Jasinda Wilder

Readers are flipping over Wilder’s Alpha series, and Omega will follow the same couple from book 1, Kyrie and Roth, who met after Roth started anonymously sending down-and-out Kyrie $10k checks in the mail, and then sent a car to pick her up to pay off her debt. What sounds like a creepy way to start a romance actually ended up working really well for the story, and fans are sticking around until the end.

There ya have it! Did we name all of your picks? Have we done some serious damage to your TBR list? Sound off below! Stay with us all week as we preview our 2015 hankerings, across genres. Join us in our book longing, won’t you?

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