2015 RT Convention Countdown: Shake It Off With Morning Fitness

It’s officially time to count down to the RT Convention, this May 12 to 17, in Dallas. Which means it’s officially time to get excited! There’s going to be a ton of awesome happenings this year, and we to make sure you don’t miss a thing! So for the next six weeks, on the RT blog we’ll be highlighting events, costumes, parties, authors and more. 

Today we’re staring with some blood-pumping excercise. Yes, exercise! Did you know that there will be not one but two exercise opportunities each and every morning at convention? Indeed! And if you’re looking at us like, please, I will be in my bed reading, well, we’ve got the two leaders here to pump us up and get us ready to conquer some cardio before heading out to win over the publishing world. You might even see some of your RT web team there, because these ladies are super persuasive!

Megan Mitcham on the Morning Burn, a 45-minute workout set to the plot of a romance novel (yes, really!):

Tell us about the Morning Burn workout.
Every person attending RT Convention is there because they love books. Whether reading them or writing them we crave a good story. Get a jump on the day movin’ and grovin’ to great music and kick butt tale of sizzling suspense with your friends.

Give us your best motivational speech to get us to Morning Burn. 
Prizes. Prizes. Prizes.

What’s your favorite Morning Burn move?
The hip thruster, of course. What better way to tone that tush?

Can the Morning Burn be modified for those with injuries and at different levels of difficulty? (We at RT’s web team are at level “easy.”)
Yes! Absolutely! Our number one goal in morning burn is fun. And prizes.

What’s your favorite song for a nice cool down?
There are way too many to chose from, but at the end of heart pounding workout you deserve a little reward. What better than Adam Levine’s crooning. Check out Marron 5’s version of Sex and Candy


Sara Humphreys is a fitness fanatic who’s going to run the Romance Fit Club:

Give us your best pitch to get us out of bed and into Romance Fit Club!
Come and try it at least once and I swear you’ll be glad you did. We’ll be mixing it up with T25, PiYO, Hip Hop Abs and Insanity Max 30. There’s no judgement, no shaming, no B.S. Everyone is welcome! I promise you’ll find a friendly and welcoming environment. All it takes is that first step to start a new habit.

What song do you most love working out to?
I’m such a dork … “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins. It’s from the Top Gun soundtrack. [Ed. note: yessss] 

What’s the one exercise we should do each morning?
I stretch every day after my workout, even on my one rest day I still stretch. It’s important to keep the body flexible but it’s also a great way to clear the mind.

Let’s say we overindulge one night at RT (no judgment), work out or sleep in?
I know you’ll probably want to sleep in but I encourage you to come to Fit Club. I swear you’ll be glad you did. Last year, I ran an informal Fit Club at RT in New Orleans and one night I definitely overdid it. I did NOT want to go workout at all. But I dragged my hungover fanny out of bed and did it. I think it cured my hangover.

Can the Morning Burn be modified for those with injuries and those at various difficulty levels?
Yes! All of the workouts we’ll be doing will have a modified option and entirely low impact. There’s the full impact option as well or you can alternate between the two based on what works for you. 

Morning Burn and Romance Fit Club will both be held from 7 to 8 a.m., Wednesday to Saturday. We hope to see you there! We’ll be the ones tripping over our own feet in the back. For more convention excitement, click here.

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