2015 RT Convention: Giant Book Fair!

Today was one of our favorite events at the RT Convention — the Giant Book Fair! RT convention attendees as well as Dallas locals lined up in the hotel ballroom to meet and greet their favorite authors. A good time was had, as those TBR piles grew and grew. We caught up with a few authors in attendance to talk about their best fan stories. 

Sandra Brown

“I’d been told I had a big following in Romania because, after the lifting of the Iron Curtain, mine were among the first books by westerners to be published there. I was on the QMII, crossing the Atlantic, and went to a coffee bar one morning to read. My waiter was a handsome young man in a spiffy uniform. When I presented my ship credit card to pay by tab, he said, ‘There’s a famous author in my country named Sandra Brown.’ I asked what country he was from. Romania. When I identified myself as the ‘famous author,’ he got down on one knee and kissed my hand! I really should do more ocean crossings!” Sandra Brown

J. Kenner

“I have such awesome fans, so I actually have a lot of great stories, but I think the first one that really tugged at my heart was when a reader wrote to tell me about how she read my Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series (Carpe Demon, etc.) in the hospital as her little boy was undergoing cancer treatments. She said that the stories helped to keep her spirits up, and I was so honored and moved that my work helped her at such a difficult time.” — Julie Kenner

Kathy Reichs

“At one signing I once had a fan ask me to sign her baby. Actually, its onesy. I did so. And a teenage girl insist I sign her forehead. After much discussion, and her pleading, and our testing of the erasability of the marker, I did so.” — Kathy Reichs

Chloe Neill

“A couple of years ago, a husband and wife pair came by my signing table. He explained (very nicely) how much his wife loved my Chicagoland Vampires novels, but how distraught she’d been to read a particularly emotional scene in one of the books. She and I exchanged hugs and swag and stories about crying, and I think everybody felt better afterward.” — Chloe Neill 

Sonali Dev

Growing up in India all the English books available to me were entirely white and set in the west. One of the first books with Indian characters I ever read was A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth. It’s the book that somehow made my dream of being a writer seem real for the first time. So you can imagine how madly I love that book and Vikram Seth. He was doing a signing at the Borders in Ann Arbor two days after my first child was due. I was a beached whale at forty weeks but I actually prayed my son would be late so I could go to the signing. And he was. And at the signing Vikram altered his program and read the most adorable poem about babies to me. I cried and came home and announced to my husband that I was naming our son Vikram. Well, he didn’t go for it but the hero of the first book I ever wrote is called Vikram.” — Sonali Dev

Elizabeth Hoyt

“This happened very early in my career. I think I had two or three books out. I knew I’d ‘made’ it as a writer when at a con a reader got in the elevator with me, glanced at my nametag, did a double-take, and started hyperventilating and telling me how much she loved my books. Meanwhile I was like, ‘But didn’t you just miss your floor?’

I like to think that I’ve become a little better with my response to readers since then.” — Elizabeth Hoyt

K. Bromberg

“My favorite story would be my first Book Bash. My memory isn’t [of] one person in particular but rather the whole of it. It was my first big signing and when I looked up and saw a line of readers willing to wait in line over an hour to see me … that was quite surreal. I loved the four ladies who wore the superhero T-shirts and the hand painted tiles someone else gave me. But more than the gifts was getting to put faces to names and give hugs to everyone!” — K. Bromberg

Check back here for more RT Convention coverage — we’ve still got one day left! If you missed some con coverage we’ve got it all right here.

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