2015 RT Convention Preview: Writers, Publishers & Reviewers Get Real

Authors, publishers and reviewers all have a common goal: to spread the love of really great books. And yet sometimes that objective gets lost in translation. At the RT Booklovers Convention this year, we’ll be featuring the panel, “Writers, Publishers and Reviewers: Real Talk, Real Answers, Really.” There, we’ll discuss how we can all spread the love, together. Romance blogger Sarah Wendell will be on hand to lend her point of view. We caught up with her to get the scoop. 

Why should attendees come to this workshop?

If you’re curious about working with a publisher or a blogger, and you’d like to hear real advice from real-life experience about publisher, blogger and author interaction, this panel would be ideal.

What one thing would you most like attendees to take away from this workshop?

That it’s okay to want to interact happily with readers, publishers, publicists, authors and bloggers, and more importantly, it’s okay to ask questions if you’re not sure how!

One of the best things about RT is the community of people who attend, and it’s made up of some generous, caring, attentive and intelligent people. That same type of group is online in the romance world, and while we may not always get along, if we listen as much as we talk, we’re all the better for doing so. 

What one thing do you wish people knew to do when handling an online altercation?

The internet has it’s own timeline, and that timeline is fast. Last week online? Cretaceous Period. Last month? Jurassic Period. Last year? We didn’t even measure time back then.Yet on the flip side: once it’s written, it can be forever, especially online. There are some actions online that have such a huge ripple effect, we’ll remember them for a long time, especially if they negatively affect the romance community. Fortunately, those are more rare!

We need to know. What shoes will you be wearing to this workshop?

Hmm. This is on Thursday, so I won’t have reached, “Are you kidding me, woman? Wear Crocs you fool” stage of foot pain. So probably Fluevogs, red with a flared heel. Or, since it’s Dallas, cowboy boots, tooled red leather with a super pointy toe.

There you have it! “Writers, Publishers and Reviewers: Real Talk, Real Answers, Really.” panel will be held on Thursday, May 14, from 1:30 to 2:30 pm. We hope to see you there! For more convention news you can use, click here.

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