August Mystery Overview

Fighting crime and putting criminals behind bars is not just for superheroes. In fact, some of the most influential and important crime fighters don’t wear tights, have laser-vision, or fly. Agents, cops, and attorneys may not be typical superheroes, but they are the men and women leading the fight against crime. This month’s mystery recommendations all feature these more ordinary, though no less amazing, crime fighters and the high-stakes cases they must solve before it’s too late!

Bestselling author Janet Evanovich and TV-writer Lee Goldberg have teamed up for an exciting new series starting with The Heist. For five years, FBI agent Kate O’Hare has been tirelessly trying to capture renown con artist Nick Fox — and finally succeeds by ramming into his car with a bus! But Kate suddenly finds herself working with Nick after he persuades her bosses to let him help her catch other criminals. It’s safe to say that things definitely do not go according to Kate’s plan, and the two of them will have to learn to work together in order to catch their first target. In The Eye of God by James Rollins, Commander Gray Pierce and his team of agents race to uncover a weapon that could bring humanity to its end. Strange occurrences pull them in different directions and lead them into even more dangerous situations. This action-packed installment in Rollins’ Sigma Force series is a thrill of a read.

Going from secret agents to heroic cops, next up we have Faye Kellerman’s the Beast, in which LAPD Sgt. Marge Dunn and Lt. Peter Decker have a rather odd case on their hands when they find the body of an eccentric millionaire who had been hiding a Siberian tiger in their apartment. The tiger has never hurt anyone, so who killed its owner? Dunn and Decker find even more questions and twists as they work to uncover the murderer’s identity. In Lisa Jackson’s Ready To Die, the latest in her To Die series, Pescoli and Alvarez have to put aside their emotions in order to track down the sniper who shot the Sheriff and a local judge. Things get complicated when Pescoli discovers she’s on the sniper’s hit list. And in Let Me Go, Chelsea Cain delivers yet another exciting addition to her popular series. Detective Archie Sheridan and his partner Susan attend a masked party on a mobster’s island and are roped into working with serial killer Gretchen Lowell to track down the person behind a murder on a neighboring property.

Attorney’s may not find themselves in the midst of high-stakes action like agents or cops, but they certainly play an important role in making sure the bad guys get put away. In Unleashed by David Rosenfelt, criminal defense attorney Andy Carpenter’s new client ends up killed in a plane crash, the same plane Andy’s friend was supposed to be on. When his client’s death is ruled as murder, Andy has to figure out why someone would want to kill his client and his friend. And finally, in Allison Leotta’s Speak of the Devil, prosecutor Anna Curtis is trying to enjoy being engaged and starting a family with her fiancé and his six-year-old daughter. But her life takes a dangerous turn when she becomes the target of a vicious gang and is moved to a safe place. Loyalties and alliances are questioned in this dramatic and exhilarating read!

Are you ready to go undercover with these agents, cops, and attorneys to crack the case and bring the bad guys to justice? Then be sure to purchase these books in-stores and online today! For more mystery and thriller recommendations and buzz, head on over to our Everything Mystery Page!



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