Bookcrafting 101: RT-tested Bookcrafts To Brighten Up Your Holiday

While the holiday season is perfect for cozying up with a good book, it’s also a great time to get crafty, especially since many of you may be hosting parties for friends and family. So to help you get in the crafting spirit and give you some decorating inspiration, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite DIY holiday decoration projects! And we’ve even test-driven some of them, so we know they work! Have fun and happy holidays!



Folded Tree

Have you seen these bookmas trees and wondered, “How did they make that?” Well, here’s your chance to learn! Though time consuming, it’s super easy and YouTuber Jeannie Nadja has a simple tutorial that walks you through the entire process. DJ made his own tree in-office and would add that crafters should be careful when folding the pages at the top as the pages often tear or don’t fold all the way over.

The Wreath of Cones

Using this original tutorial from Jenna DeAngeles as inspiration, Rebecca Robeson of Robeson Design Studio has a fun and relatively quick video on creating a rather gorgeous wreath using a book’s pages. You’ll need a few simple supplies like a hot glue gun, sharpie, foam board and a few other things, but the process is simple and would make a great activity for you and your family to do. We tried making this using a stapler and tape, and it was an utter failure. You definitely need hot glue, no cheating! Check it out:

Hanging Paper Globe

Speaking of Jenna DeAngeles, she has a fantastic video for making a hanging globe. The design and process is similar to the wreath, but for this one you’ll need some fancy ribbon, a foam ball and skewers.

Folded Pages Piece

Robeson’s projects are quickly becoming new obsessions for us and this next one would make a great centerpiece for your mantle or table. What we love about this decoration is that it looks great year-round.

The Classic Pile O’Books Tree

Don’t want to spend the money on a tree? Want to display your books in a fun and artsy way? Great, then this one’s for you! All you need is a bunch of books and a strand or two of holiday lights. Super easy and low stress, just how we like it.

Do you have a holiday bookcraft you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments and be sure to show us your creations on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! Happy holidays!

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