Costume Creep-Tacular: Genre-by-Genre Costume Guide

We’ve been going costume crazy all week during our Creep-tacular, and we thought we’d close things out by profiling costumes in all our favorite genres. If cozy mysteries are your thing, we’ve got you problem solved. Love YA? We’re here for you, both old school and new school. Feeling particularly wild? We’ve got a monstrous solution. We’ll stop punning now and get to the goods …

MYSTERY: Cozy Local Store Owner

You’ve got your requisite ugly holiday sweater, some yarn from your ubiquitious small-town shop and glasses to peer closer at the clues from that murder that just happened off the page. You are going to kill at this year’s cotstume party. 

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YOUNG ADULT: From Dumplin’ to The Princess Diaries

Your YA character of choice depends on what you’re reading lately. Are you super up to date on the genre? Then you can rock out as our favorite erstwhile pageant contestant, Willowdean Dickson. If you’re a little more vintage, why not dress up as one of our favorite princesses, Mia Thermopolis — she got married this year, after all! 


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Mia Thermopolis

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HISTORICAL: Olivia Eversea at last

What better way to celebrate Olivia finally getting her story than by honoring her this Halloween? You could even find your own Lyon at a party …

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PARANORMAL: Monster Mash!

You could emulate any type of monster, throw in some vampire teeth or just walk around moaning braaaaains … but we’re always partial to shapeshifter costumes. It’s so much fun to be half something. You could paint half your face, or wear a wolf head with jeans. Here’s our pick, from Thea Harrison’s very first Elder Races tale, Dragon Bound, and Pia Cuelebre (neé Giovanni). We imagine her in a no-nonsense outfit, she’s got a kid to chase after these days, after all. Plus, wouldn’t want to distract from her animalistic side. 

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Inspired yet? We hope you enjoyed our Costume Creep-tacular all week long! If you’d like to check out some spooky reads in the meantime, why not visit our Everything Paranormal page?

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