Debut Author Spotlight: Victoria Aveyard

Debut author Victoria Aveyard has been making quite the splash, even before her book even hit shelves! With a high concept fantasy/dystopian premise, an option for film and substantial buzz, it’s no wonder why readers have been clamoring to read the #1 New York Times bestseller Red Queen and today, we’re throwing Victoria into our Debut Author Spotlight to celebrate the book’s recent release. Let’s get started!

Name: Victoria Aveyard

Book: Red Queen

Genre: YA Fantasy

Current Home: I split my time between Los Angeles and Western Massachusetts.

Author Icon(s): JRR Tolkien, George R.R, Martin, J.K. Rowling. Lots of initials.

Favorite Word: Never thought about this before. Sleep?

Was this the first book you ever wrote?
Yes, Red Queen is the first book I’ve ever finished writing. Of course, I tried my hand at writing some horrible Lord of the Rings knockoffs in middle school and high school, but I took a break from novels during college. At the end of my senior year, I got the idea for Red Queen and just ran with it.

How did you start writing?
It was never a conscious choice at all. I loved books, loved movies, just loved stories in general, so I naturally started writing my own as soon as I physically could. I never thought I’d be able to make a career out of it (or even a college degree) before high school, when my brain sort of clicked and I realized I could pursue this professionally.

What was it like when you got “The Call”?
At the time, I was driving kids home from school for extra money, and I had just dropped them off. My agent Suzie called while I was still behind the wheel, and she said we had an offer from HarperCollins. I told her where I was, just in case I crashed the car. I thankfully didn’t and went home and had a good scream.

What’s your favorite paragraph in Red Queen?
In school, we learned about the world before ours, about the angels and gods that lived in the sky, ruling the earth with kind and loving hands. Some say those are just stories, but I don’t believe that. The gods rule us still. They have come down from the stars. And they are no longer kind.

If you could have a secret super power, what would it be and why?
Time/space travel. I’m a history freak, so I would go on one hell of a time safari.

* * *

Red Queen is available now, so be sure to stop by your favorite retailer to purchase your copy today! For more debut authors, check out our previous spotlights here.

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