Dynamic (Female) Duos: Allison Brennan and Laura Griffin Team Up

As much as we at RT love romance, we also love reading about female friendships, real relationships that aren’t mainly focused on discussing the hero’s abs. So of course we were thrilled to hear that two of our favorite mystery authors were teaming up — to write a PI duo that teams up. Meta! 

Today Allison Brennan and Laura Griffin are self-publishing Crash and Burn, the first in their Moreno and Hart series, starring Krista Hart and Scarlet Moreno, two former cops trying to make their PI business work in sunny Southern California. The tough ladies fight crime and make a little time for romance — and they always have each other’s backs.

The female dynamic duo is such an awesome, albeit underused, trope, we asked the ladies for their favorite fictional pairings, and here’s what they had to say. 

Dynamic duos are usually reserved for male characters. Most buddy shows are with guys – Batman Robin, Lethal Weapon, Sherlock, Person of Interest, Supernatural — the list goes on and on. So when a movie like The Heat pops up in the theaters, starring two strong female characters, it’s on the Must See List. Because they’re so rare, you gotta go.

The Heat was great — Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy worked well together, and the humor was natural. But because strong female buddy movies are so rare, it made us think: what else is out there?

The first thing that springs to mind is Rizzoli Isles. The books are very different from the television series, but both share one common element: two strong female characters who carry the series, both in print and on screen. While the books have deeper characterization and a longer story arc in the growing friendship between Jane and Maura, the television series started with them best friends, and it works. The contrast between their characters also works, and the dialogue is punchy and fits. Success!

In the past, there was Cagney Lacey — two cops who were best friends juggling family and career. Gritty and realistic — as realistic as a cop could be in the ’80s — Cagney Lacey was really one of the first shows that had two strong female characters carrying the series.

On television today (more so than in the movies), there are many strong female characters, but outside of Rizzoli Isles, there are few shows where there is a dynamic female duo. A buddy show with female bonding. A buddy show where the girls aren’t stabbing each other in the back or trying to steal their BFF’s boyfriend.

What say you? Do you have a favorite female crime fighting team? Who are some of your favorite female characters and why?

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Interested? Check out Crash and Burn, available today at e-tailers. And for more Mystery and Suspense news you can use, be sure to visit our Everything Mystery page. 



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