Excerpt Break: Chase Me By Tessa Bailey

It’s Monday, you need an excerpt break, we understand. Which is why we have this excerpt from Tessa Bailey’s sexy, hilarious New Adult romance Chase Me, which follows college dropout Roxy as she tries to make it as an actress in NYC. Barely scraping by, she meets lawyer Louis during her gig delivering singing telegrams — which she unfortunately performs dressed in a giant pink bunny suit. In this scene, the two engage in some hot and heavy foreplay. Happy reading!

Louis cupped her cheeks, tilting her face up. “Hey. You’re fucking amazing, you know that?”

“Yeah? Sometimes I’m not so sure,” Roxy answered, shocking herself with total honesty. Crazy how people she knew well couldn’t get an honest reaction out of here, while this guy who’d put her through the ringer did it with so little effort. She didn’t want to ponder that realization for too long, so she did what came naturally. She avoided it. With steady fingers, she started to unbutton his shirt, which she still wore, intending to give it back to him so he didn’t have to face the evening shirtless, even if the female population of Manhattan would go mental over his approachable abs. God, he was sexy. And she really shouldn’t be thinking about that right now.

Before she reached the second button, he stopped her with a hand on her wrist. “What are you doing?”

“Giving you back your shirt.”

He shook his head vigorously. “Keep it.”

She pointed at the trench coat resting on top of her purse. “I have my coat. I’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, but in order for this transfer of clothing to take place, I’ll still have to see you in that cheerleader uniform. And I do not want to be turned on by it.”

The corner of her mouth tugged. “You don’t want to be. But you are?”

“To an appalling degree.”

Why am I giving this guy the time of day? Any other human being who’d seen her fall this far not once but three excruciating times would be banished to the furthest recesses of her mind, never to be resurrected unless she drank too much wine. When she’d accused him of being a liar in the bedroom, she’d meant it, but he’d slowly wedged his way back under her skin. She actually believed that he’d been just as blindsided by her presence at the party as she’d been by his. Why? Not a clue. She only knew he felt more like an ally than a foe. It didn’t hurt that he’d turned down a killer lap dance.

“How do you feel about kissing me right now, Louis?”

His answering groan didn’t end when their mouths met, it only got louder. Or maybe that was her own groan joining forces with his. Roxy couldn’t form a decent thought besides More and Closer as Louis slanted his lips over hers and obliterated what she knew about kissing. His lips pushed hers apart, and for a moment, they just inhaled against each other’s partially open mouths, savoring the moment. The pulse-pounding rush of sensation. When his tongue traced her lips, then dove in to tangle with hers, she swayed a little under the gust of heat. She wrapped her arms around his neck to steady herself, aligning their bodies. Which reminded her he wasn’t wearing a shirt. With no choice but to act on her desperate impulse, she dragged her fingernails lightly down his chest, giving an extra scratch over those abs, ending just above his belt buckle.

“Please, baby. Go lower.” His voice sounded like gravel. “One squeeze so I can finally know what it feels like to have your hands on me.”

Oh, she liked that. Liked hearing that hot thread of desperation in his voice. Desperation for her. Willpower, thou hath no place here. Slowing the kiss so she could look into his eyes, Roxy let her palm smooth over the bulging fly of his dress pants. Oh shit. A two-hander. When Louis gave a pained laugh, she realized she’d delivered the sentiment out loud.

“Get to it then, Rox.” He bit her bottom lip and dragged it between his teeth. “Let me feel them both.”

“Keep your shirt on,” she murmured before sinking back into the kiss. When she took his full length in her hands, squeezed and dragged upward, his growl sent warmth pooling at the juncture of her thighs. As if he sensed that chemical reaction from her, he reversed their positions, pressing her back up against the wall. Rough hands dragged up the sides of her thighs to clutch her hips. Hard. 

Her head fell back on a gasp, giving him the room he needed to trail his lips down her neck. Lost to the moment, Roxy fisted two handfuls of his hair and arched her back. His breathing growing harsher by the moment, Louis licked across the swells of her cleavage, letting his tongue dip down into the valley between, before licking all the way back up her throat. 

A little cry of shock burst past her lips. “Oh, wow. I like that.”

“You’ll like everything I do to you.” Louis took her ear between his teeth. “You going to let me show you how much, Roxy?”

“I don’t know yet.” She hooked a leg around his waist. “More convincing, please.”

Louis gripped her knee. “Fair warning, Rox. If you wrap the other leg around me, I’m taking you home to my bed, where I can get you off properly.” His hand flexed. “If that’s what you want, hop on up. Otherwise…”

Don’t wrap my legs around you?” she panted.

He grazed her lips with his. “I couldn’t say it out loud. It’s too sad.”

Did she want to go home with him? Hell yes. In her current worked-up state, she’d probably let him carry her fireman-style down West Broadway, ass in the air. So much confidence radiated from him. Not the overinflated-ego kind of confidence she’d experienced in guys before. No, his confidence came from a place of maturity. While he obviously knew his way around women, he wasn’t smug about it. He just wore that self-assurance like a second skin. She wanted it directed at her. Instinctively she knew that being naked and sweaty with Louis would be unbelievable.

After the night she’d had, though, she didn’t want a hero. That’s exactly what Louis would be if he took her from this place and gave her a mind-bending orgasm across town before she even took off the cheerleader uniform. No matter how she’d ended up here tonight, he’d gotten her out of a strippy situation and now he was making her feel needed, desirable. Okay, hot. But she wanted to be her own hero tonight. She wanted to leave on her own merit, remembering the way she’d walked back into that living room and faced her fears. He could be her hero a different night. Tonight was hers.

Dammit. I pick now to start making good decisions?

He cursed on an exhale. “You’re not coming, are you?”

“Looks like neither one of us will be coming tonight.”

Already regretting her decision to leave, Roxy let her leg drop and began to back away from the magnetic pull buzzing between them.

“Oh no.” His brown eyes went dark. “Before you leave, I’m going to give you something to think about, beautiful.”

Her stomach bottomed out. “You haven’t done that already?”

A gravelly laugh. “While you’re lying in bed tonight, think about this.” Big hands slipped down and around from her waist to cup her mostly bare backside. She had no time to enjoy the kick of lust in her belly before he seized her flesh tightly and hauled her onto her toes.


Louis placed his mouth directly over hers, as if to absorb her gasp of shock. “The first time you ride me, I’m going to grip your ass just like this. I’m going to move you where I want you. How fast. How slow. It’ll all be up to me and this grip.”

Oh, God. Oh, God. His promise had a kick of lust whipping into a frenzy. Breathe through it. “S-sounds like a solid plan.”

“Not a plan. A promise.” He licked into her mouth, kissing her in a way that promised…everything. More. “Good night, Rox.”

When he set her back on her feet, it was incredibly difficult to move away from him. “When did we graduate to nicknames?”

He planted his hands on the wall and dropped his head forward, still facing away from her. “Since you started turning me inside out. Is that a fair enough reason?”

She was grateful he couldn’t see her expression. Hell, she was grateful she couldn’t see it. Knowing what it looked like would make it too real. His words punched an uncomfortable hole in her chest. One she couldn’t spackle over as quickly as usual. Licking her kiss-sensitive lips, she quickly unbuttoned his shirt and drew on her coat. He still hadn’t moved, so she laid the borrowed shirt over his shoulder. “Hey, put this on. I don’t think you’re what this bachelor party had in mind when they requested topless entertainment.”

Slowly, he turned to face her, replacing his shirt with movements that spoke of leashed restraint. “Excuse me for not laughing.”

“If I can laugh about it, so can you,” she said seriously.

He considered her a moment, then nodded stiffly.

She couldn’t leave things awkward. It would bother her until she saw him again. Why? Why did he drag these foreign reactions from her? Any other day, she’d have already blown this joint and grabbed a falafel from the food cart she’d seen outside. Giving in to her urge, she leaned in and kissed the underside of his chin. “See you Saturday, Louis. Think about me.”

“Try and stop me.”

Somehow she managed to hide her smile until the elevator doors slid shut.

Good, right? Chase Me releases digitally and in print tomorrow. For more sexy reads, check back Wednesday for our Hump Day Excerpt. In the meantime our Everything Romance page should tide you over.

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