Exclusive Author Q&A: Chuck Tingle On Dinosaurs, Tinglers and His Jerky Neighbor Ted

You may have already heard of breakout erotica author Chuck Tingle, who has penned future bestsellers — known as “tinglers” — such as “Space Raptor Butt Invasion,” “Pounded by the Gay Color Changing Dress” and “Glazed by the Living Gay Donuts,” and if you haven’t, we’re kind of jealous because if we could go back in time and re-discover these gems, we would. We got a rare opportunity to chat with Chuck, who bears all in this exclusive, candid interview.


How did you get your start writing fiction?

started writing in home of truth utah when i learned about all animals that died long ago, dinosaurs and unicorns. first stories were pretty fun because imagionation is real but then they started to make me feel funny. mom and dad got mad about the funny stories but those were lost in the big fire anyway. now i live in billings montana like a big time writer

What’s your writing process like?

first things first wake up and eat some spagetti for brain food. i also like to drink a big mug of chocolate milk maybe two before i get out of bed. then the next thing i know im walking to starbuck with my son and maybe waving to the neibhors but not ted. if i get in the right mood i start to think up tinglers meditating out on the deck and if i like the good idea then i start writing. next day, my son edits for me and we publish on amazon.com.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

most insperation comes from knowing love is real. i like to write about good times with friends and maybe more? hope so, espically if people start kissing in the hard kind of way. i like the way it makes me feel to be like a real Stephen king so hes a big insperation when he talks about talking cars or clown spiders. just think, what if I wanted to kiss a clown spider? would our weiners touch? would he look like channing tatum? probably.

What’s your favorite living object that you’ve written so far?

thanks. most personal story is “Pounded In The Butt By My Own Butt” because it shows the love between man and book. my favorite overall is “I’m Gay For My Billionaire Jet Plane” though because keith the plane is a real peice of work who has a way with words. real slick type could sweep your feet right out from under you

Your dinosaur “tinglers” are especially popular. In your opinion, what’s the sexiest thing about dinosaurs?

dinosaurs are angry customers so thats a good way to get people excited. bad boy types who make you want to kiss but also maybe go home early with your hands in the air. they are very handsome with good abs but watch your back.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

write stories that make you want to kiss the sky and then maybe youll be a big time hollywood writer. most importantly, love is the soul of books so if you write a story maybe add a little kissing. its okay there just friends its nothing funny but hey, maybe it is? who knows?

Can you tell us anything about the current tinglers you’re working on now?

new tinglers need to be top secert now because ted cobbler is stealing my ideas. hes a devil man with a dark soul and should not be trusted farther than a stick in the bush. sorry no can do.

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Chuck! You can learn more about Chuck and check out all of his tinglers on Amazon. For more sexy stories, visit our Everything Erotica page.

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