Exclusive Excerpt: E.L. Todd’s Into the Fire

Into the Fire, EL ToddReady for an excerpt break? We’ve got an extra special treat for you today, a peek at E.L. Todd‘s Into the FireThis hot contemporary features a hero who’s trying to put one over on his parents, with the help of the companion he’s hired to make it all work. Things get steamy, as you can tell by this scorching excerpt we’ve got for you! Ready? Let’s do it! (Pun intended.)

Ash walked me to my door. “Thanks for putting up with my family tonight.”

“They really aren’t that bad. It’s obvious how much they love you.”

“They love me so much that they want to change me?”

“I admit that isn’t fair…but they mean well. At least, they think they do.”

“Whatever.” He leaned against the door panel with his hands in his pockets. “So…you like a man in uniform, huh?”

“Well, you looked really hot in it.”

“I look hot in everything—and nothing.” He gave me that smartass wink.

“You’d be the perfect man if you were a little more humble.”

“I don’t want to be perfect,” he said. “Then I’d never be able to shake the stalkers.”

“There you go again…” I got my keys out of my clutch.

“You didn’t lose them this time?” he teased.

“I wouldn’t want to be stuck with you for the night.”

“Sure…” He wiggled his eyebrows.

I got the door unlocked then walked inside.

Uninvited, Ash entered behind me. “So, what do you want to do?”

“I want you to go home,” I said. “Our date is over.”

He eyed his watch. “It’s not midnight yet. I still get two hours of your time.”

Damn, I forgot. “Want to watch TV?”

“Sure.” He moved to the couch then plopped down. “This is pretty comfy.”

“Thanks.” I sat beside him and grabbed the remote.

“Where’d you get it?”


“I’ll keep that in mind when I decorate my house.”

“What house?” I asked.

“The house in the mountains. You know, the one I told you about.”

“Oh yeah.”

“I think we’re making progress with my parents. They should give me the money soon.”

“What if they want you to get married first?”

“Uh…I sincerely hope not. That’s a little ridiculous.”

“I wouldn’t put it past them.”

“What would we do if that situation came up?”

“I can pose as your wife. I’ve done it before.”

“We don’t have to actually sign a marriage license?”


“I guess that could work. And after they gave me back my money, we could stop the charade and I could give them the bird.”

“Like you ever would.”

He shrugged. “Even when they’re wrong, I can’t tell them off. It’s weird, you know? At the end of the day, they’re still my parents.”

“I know what you mean.”

“So, what are we watching?” He snatched the remote from my hand and clicked through the channels.

“Hey, why do you get to choose?”

“Because I took the remote.”

I tried to take it back.

He moved it out of my reach. “Too slow, sweetheart.” He put it on the sports channel. “Ooh…the Yankees are playing.”

“This is a rerun.”

“Whatever. It’s either this or some dirty movie.”

“I’d prefer the dirty movie, honestly.”

His head snapped in my direction at lightning speed. “You serious?”

“Well, I’ve already seen this game.”

“If you’re dead serious, I’ll change it. I’ve never watched porn with a chick before.”

“It’s just porn.”

“Alright.” He changed the channel and found a dirty movie. “Ooh…she needs to keep her job but she broke the rules. What will she do?”

I rolled my eyes. “Go out and find another one. That’s what I would do.”

“Shh…don’t ruin the movie. This is great acting.”

“Her tits are so fake.”

“Whatever,” he said. “Real or fake, they feel the same.”

“They do?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yep.” He turned toward me and winked. Then he turned off the TV.

“What did you turn it off for?”

“You want to keep watching?” he asked with a grin. “Because I’d rather talk to you.”


“Yep.” He put his arm over the back of the couch. “So, you never spend time with your folks?”

“Christmas and stuff…”

“Any reason why you aren’t close?”

“No, not really. We just aren’t. They don’t care about me the way your parents do.”

“They don’t?” he asked in surprise.

“I know that sounds weird but it’s the truth. They just had me and let me do whatever I wanted. Like a puppy or something.”

“That’s lame,” he said. “At least you turned out perfect.”

“Perfect?” I asked with a laugh. “That’s a strong word.”

“It suits you.” He had a serious look on his face. “I don’t hang out with people unless I really like them. Women, in general, talk too much. But I like hearing you talk. You have a nice voice.”

“Thanks…” I felt his gaze and my body tensed. The mood shifted as we stared at each other in the limited light. Only the kitchen light was on, and the rest of the apartment was cloaked in semidarkness.

Ash stared at me without blinking, his thoughts written all over his face.

I swallowed the lump in my throat because I suddenly felt nervous. My hands were cold and clammy, and my thighs burned in longing. I wanted to wrap them around his waist and squeeze.

Ash watched me like he was reading every emotion in my heart. I felt like a canvas on display at an art show. Then he slowly leaned toward me, the intent written clearly in his eyes.

I didn’t move.

I didn’t stop it.

I didn’t want to ruin where it might lead.

His hand moved to the back of my neck slowly, and when he had a good grip on me, he pressed his lips lightly against mine.

The second we touched, I felt the burn. My lips were on fire, as was everything else. He tasted like brownie from the dessert at his parents’ house. He smelled like cologne and body soap. His chest was against my shoulder, and I felt the power and strength underneath.

Instead of just kissing me, he felt my lips. He massaged them slowly, not rushing anything. Every kiss was purposeful. He sucked my bottom lip before he pulled away slowly and looked me in the eye. When he saw the same emotion reflected in my eyes, he brushed his lips across mine in a tantalizing way.

Oh wow.

Then he kissed me again, this time his hand digging into my hair. He gripped it possessively then yanked on it, tilting my face toward his. Then he kissed me harder, his tongue moving into my mouth and dancing with mine. He gave me just the right amount before he pulled away and kissed my lips again. Every action he made was predetermined but spontaneous. When he released a quiet moan into my mouth, along with his hot breath, I knew he really enjoyed it.

Just the way I did.

His lips pulled away from mine as he moved up my jaw and to my neck. Then his mouth found my ear as his hand glided up my thigh. “You. Are. Beautiful.” His arm moved around my waist and he abruptly pulled me down the couch until I was beneath him.

Ash kept his arm around me as he moved his mouth to my chest. He kissed the skin above my top and the hollow of my throat. One hand moved up my thigh but below the bottom of my dress. He squeezed me in a teasing way, making me hotter than I’ve ever been in my life. “If you want me to stop, you better tell me now.”

“Why the hell would I ever want you to stop?” I wasn’t myself all over again. Just like last week, I was drunk. I was in a different place, somewhere I never wanted to return from.

He stopped kissing me for just a moment, giving me that cocky grin I’d come to love, and then his hand moved further up my thigh until he reached my thong. His fingers felt the lace as he moved it over. He pressed his face close to mine and watched the fire in my eyes. I held the gaze because the desire in his was too powerful to look away from.

His fingers grazed over my entrance, feeling the moisture that leaked just for him. Then he moved his fingers until he found the nub that was aching for him. Gently and in a circular motion, he massaged it.

I immediately gripped his biceps when I felt him. A loud moan escaped my lips, and I felt pathetic letting him see me so easily seduced. It was even more obvious I hadn’t had a good lay in a long time.

His lips found mine and he kissed me slowly. Never once did he take me in an aggressive way like I imagined he would. Every touch was particular. He seemed to be enjoying this so much that he wasn’t in a hurry to reach the final act.

His fingers rubbed me harder, giving me that pressure that made my entire body burn. My legs started to twitch because they didn’t know what to do. Everything felt so good. I wanted to widen my legs even further but the back of the couch was in the way.

“Ash…” I spoke into his mouth and the word came out incoherent. But the meaning was still the same.

He took a deep breath as he kissed me, like the word moved down his spine in a pleasurable way. He continued to rub my clitoris before he inserted two fingers inside me. Even I could feel how wet I was, so it was obvious to him. It was dripping all over his fingers. He released a quiet moan as he felt the moisture on his fingertips. “That pussy is ready for my cock.”

Oh god. I’d never met a man who could talk dirty like that.

He pulled his fingers to his mouth and sucked the juice. Then he returned to kissing me, the taste of my salty sweetness still on his lips.

My hands immediately moved to his shirt and I yanked it over his head. His perfect body was revealed to me, all muscle. My hand moved to his side where a red rose was tattooed on the skin. I knew that was where he’d been shot. It was beautiful in an inexplicable way. My fingers touched it, unable to decipher where the scar was.

I loved kissing his lips but I wanted to kiss other things. I wanted to taste his skin the way he tasted mine. My mouth moved away from his and to his neck. The slight taste of sweat was on his skin. My hands glided down his chest and to the top of his jeans. I unbuttoned them and pulled them down slightly.

Ash kept me close to him as I kissed his chest and neck. His hips rocked against mine slightly, and his hard-on hit me in the right spot. The friction from his definition felt so good against my clitoris. It made my nails dig violently into his skin, harsher than I meant to.

At this point, I was a teapot that started to boil. Steam was erupting, and my patience was evaporating. I’d never been so excited to be with someone, not like this. I didn’t just want to get off and get it over with. I wanted every second of it. Finally, the journey was better than the destination.

When he moved his hips away, there was a noticeable wet spot on the crotch of his boxers. I was too horny to be embarrassed. I was wet for him—soaked—and we both knew it.

Ash moved his hand up my ass then gripped the back of my thong. Without any regard, he yanked it down my legs then tossed it on the coffee table. His mouth moved to my belly button, and slowly he migrated down below. Once his face was between my legs, my fingers dug into his hair and I moaned uncontrollably.

Ash ate me like he was starving. He sucked my clitoris then rubbed it aggressively with his tongue. Then he moved to my entrance, tasting me and making me even wetter.

It felt so damn good.

He pulled away then unzipped the back of my dress. He moved so quickly he almost broke it. Then he pulled it off of me, revealing my naked body to him. His eyes moved to my tits. The desire increased by tenfold when he saw them. “Fuck, I knew you had a nice rack.” His lips found the valley between my breasts and he ran his tongue up and down. Then he shoved a nipple into his mouth and sucked it like a lollipop.

As good as it felt, I wanted more. I gripped his boxers and pulled them down, letting his thick cock pop out. It wobbled slightly once it was unrestricted from his jeans. It was enormous, a dream come true.

My hand grabbed his shaft and I massaged him, feeling him from tip to base. He was so thick and hard. I couldn’t wait until he stretched me. I knew I would feel fuller than I did with anyone else.

“Shit, you’re hot.” For the first time, I wasn’t thinking. And it was nice. My hand felt his hard chest, gliding over the perfect muscles. He was exceptional in every way imaginable. This is exactly what I fantasized about with my vibrator.

For once, he didn’t say something arrogant. “I was thinking the same thing.” He lifted me from the couch then carried me into my bedroom. Instead of kissing me, he just stared. He told me everything he planned on doing with just the look alone.

He laid me on the bed, my head resting on a pillow. Then he moved on top of me, his dick grazing against my stomach. He looked down at me like I was buried treasure he got to keep for himself. “Got a condom?”

My mojo disappeared. “No…”

“Are you on the pill?”


“Can we go bareback?”

“What does that mean?”

He smiled like he was amused. “Skin to skin. I’m clean. I promise.”

Ash wouldn’t lie to me. He was thoughtful even though he acted like he didn’t care about anyone but himself. My hand moved to his shaft and I felt the stud on the bottom and top of his dick. It was just below his head. The metallic ball was smooth and slightly cold in comparison to his skin.

“Besides, you’ll get the full effect without one.”

“Yes.” Nothing could stop me. Even an earthquake wouldn’t slow me down.

He immediately widened my legs with his arms and pinned them back. He leaned forward on his arms and his head found my entrance. “You’re tight. Just relax.”

“I’m not relaxed. I’m eager.” I grabbed his hips and pulled him toward me.

He didn’t grin like he usually did. He slowly pushed inside me, his thick head immediately stretching me as wide as possible. It was slightly painful, but so pleasurable. “I apologize. I have a big dick.”

My hands gripped his arms as I felt him move further inside me. It took a moment for my body to acclimate to his size. Maybe it was worse because I hadn’t had sex in so long. Or maybe he really was just a god from the waist down.

Ash pushed himself deeper until he was completely sheathed. “Fuck, tight ass pussy. And so fucking wet.”

I dug my nails into his skin. “That feels so good…”

He leaned over me then started to rock into me. His eyes were glued to my face as he gently thrust into me. Every move he made was slow, but precise. Every time his dick slid inside me, it somehow stretched me again.

It was the best.

He moaned every few minutes, his eyes moving across my chest and the area between my legs. His fingers moved to my clitoris and rubbed it as he rocked inside me.

I felt the distant burn. It was so foreign I wasn’t entirely sure what it was. But it was coming, and it was going to be powerful. “I think I’m going to come.”

“No, Alessandra. You are going to come.” He leaned far over me, his pelvic bone rubbing against my clitoris as he slammed into me hard. The headboard smacked into the wall repeatedly, echoing loudly in the room. Ash gave it to me as hard as possible, and his chest dripped with sweat as he gave it to me good.

And then it happened.

It was like a cosmic explosion deep inside me. I was so hot and sweaty, but that suddenly felt good during the experience. My body tightened around him because my muscles had lost control. My nails dug into his hips as I yanked him harder into me, out of my mind in my euphoric state. “Ash…”

He watched every expression I made, and he moaned as the fire burned in my eyes. “I love watching this.”

My nails scratched his back as I finished the high. I slowly came down, like a feather on the wind. I drifted back to earth, still feeling the distant pleasure throbbing deep in my body. “Oh my god…”

Ash slowed down then stopped. He leaned far over me and gave me a hot kiss. His tongue found mine and they danced together. I cupped his face as passion and gratitude overtook me. “I’m not done with you.” He sucked my bottom lip before he abruptly turned me over on my stomach. He shoved himself inside me again, making me cry out because his entrance felt amazing just like before. He pressed one hand against my lower back as he fucked me hard into the mattress. His power made my body rub against the sheets, and my clitoris was stimulated all over again. His lips found my ear. “This is how a man fucks his woman.”

Into the Fire will be available in stores and online January 30! You can get your copy here: Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks. And if you’re in the mood for more excerpts, we’ve got ya covered

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