Exclusive Excerpt: Lauren Dane’s Coming Back

Happy hump day, everyone! We’ve heard the saying “three’s a crowd,” but whoever coined that phrase clearly never read Lauren Dane’s ultra-hot erotica, Coming Back, an RT Top Pick! and 2015 Reviewers’ Choice nominee

Before, Mick and Jessi weren’t ready for the magnetic attraction that existed between them and Adam, but one year later they simply can’t ignore their insatiable need for one and other any longer. Meeting again is explosive and no one can deny the desire pulsing through the trio. Get ready for a super hot hump day ride…

Mick took her free hand and they let Adam lead them to his lair. Jessi tried to pretend she did this every day, which was naturally a pretty big lie. But it was Adam and Mick. They wouldn’t hurt her.

Not in a way she didn’t like anyway. It was pretty clear to her that Adam ran to the uber–alpha male territory, so she was fairly sure he could hurt her in ways she would like a lot.

She’d deal with the uglier feelings about him touching anyone else later. Right then every part of her just wanted to be with them, bare and exposed.

His bedroom took up half the second floor. A big bed dominated the room, but there was a sitting area near the fireplace with shelves, an overstuffed loveseat, and a lamp perfect for a rainy day of reading inside by the fire.

The rugs on the hardwood floor were Persian. She’d been with him when he bought the one she stood on. The room was a sanctuary. A really luxurious one, no doubt. But this was about Adam’s inner life. Sumptuous fabrics, leather, gorgeous textiles created a space she knew without even asking he spent a lot of time in.

Probably not always alone. But again, she shoved that aside because it didn’t matter. Not right then and most likely not anymore.

“I want to smear all your make-up.” Adam said this as he drew the pad of his thumb over her bottom lip.

“Do I have any left?”

Adam’s severity seemed to wisp away, replaced by a sweeter expression. “You do. Enough that you’re going to have smudged mascara when I’m done.” One corner of his mouth hitched up and she sort of forgot what she’d been thinking about. Make-up? Whatever. When was he going to take his clothes off?

Mick burst out laughing—most likely at the confusion on her face as Adam got her all sex addled—as he tugged his shirt over his head and her mental dialog skidded to a halt.

Shoulders that had grown impossibly wide ridged with muscle. The muscle of a man who worked with his body on a regular basis.

And a lot of that taut, muscular skin was covered in tattoos. She held one hand out to stay him while the clutched at her heart with the other. “You’re enough to startle a girl.”

“Or a boy,” Adam said.

She was so lucky.

It was Mick’s turn to wear that cocky grin as she and Adam looked their fill at him. His belly sported a snarling, badass orange and black tiger’s face with numbers below it.

He slid his palm down his belly, over those numbers and she huffed a sound, like a desperate wheeze. More please and oh-my-god-stop all at once.

“Look at you,” Mick said with the tip of his chin.

“I’d rather look at you,” Jessi said, meaning it with every fiber of her being. “The tiger is new.”

“Your nose ring is new.”

“It is. The numbers, it’s my birthday.” She crept closer, looking at the roses and thorns rippling down his forearms, ending at his wrists.

“I had it added year before last.”

He’d kept himself apart from her for years, but he hadn’t let go of her in his own way.

“The way you look at me…” Mick drew a deep breath he slowly exhaled as if trying to center himself. “I’m different now. But you look at me with that light in your eyes. Now I’m just nervous about regular stuff, like how long I’m going to be in you before I come.”

Heat flushed across her skin at his words.

“I’ve got faith in you,” she murmured. “You’re not all that different. More ink and piercings, but it’s sexy. Your heart is the same.”

Mick looked over her shoulder to Adam, who nodded.

“What? What does that mean?” She pointed a finger back and forth between them.

“Nothing,” Adam said, but he laughed and blew his cover.

“Oh really?”

“Really,” Adam grabbed her around her waist and pulled her back against him. His cock seemed to burn against her skin. “We’re going to look at one another like that because he and I love you.”

Well. She liked that.

“Now you.” Mick gestured her way.

“Shirt off, Jess,” Adam whispered in her ear like a fallen angel luring her to temptation.

“Just because it’s off doesn’t mean it has left my custody,” she told Mick as she whipped her shirt up and over her head. If she was expected to give back all the clothing she pilfered, she’d be naked a third of the time. She stole them, they were hers. That was the rule.

Mick’s grin made her tingly and swoony. Honestly, how could she ever have thought happiness was possible without these two people in her life?

“I’d never think to steal my shirts back once you have them.” Mick stepped close enough to slide his upper body against hers.


Laughing, Mick reached around her to get Adam’s shirt free as well. “You too.”

Jessi turned in their arms so she could get a look at Adam, and holy cow was she glad she had. Tawny skin played over his upper body. No ink but on his inner forearm at his elbow.

Jessilyn. In her handwriting. He’d shown it to her the last time she’d seen him.

“I never told you why I put your name there,” Adam said as she slid her fingertips over his skin.

She waited for the telling and when she did, he smiled, grinding his cock into her.

“You’re my addiction. The thing I need more than anything.”

Always so tough. So taciturn and grumpy. And yet, so very tender it broke her heart sometimes. Hell, he’d broken her heart more than once too. It came with loving him, she’d finally accepted.

“Mick, why don’t you lead our beauty to the bed?” Like a switch had been thrown, Adam took charge. He drew authority around himself like a cloak.

Mick backed her up slowly, caressing her shoulder before pressing kisses across her skin.

It was really happening. After years of going through the motions, here it was, the moment she’d been waiting for all these years…

Coming Back will be available in print and digital on December 8. Preorder a copy: AmazonBN | Kobo | iBooks | Indiebound. If you’d like some more Hump Day excerpts (who wouldn’t?) we’ve got you covered.

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