Exclusive Excerpt: Violetta Rand’s Possession

POSSESSION by Violetta RandHappy Hump Day! It wouldn’t be Wednesday without a super steamy excerpt to brighten our day. This week we have a deliciously sexy excerpt from Violetta Rand’s Possession, available in April.

After two failed marriages, Sons of Odin officer Vincent is hesitant to start a new relationship — no matter how much attorney Tina turns him on. But when one of Tina’s clients begins stalking her, Vincent is determined to sort out his feelings and keep her safe.

Vincent drew a deep breath before he knocked on Tina’s front door. The day’s events had definitely influenced the decision he’d made. He wanted to see her again—maybe even needed to. Though the bitter past still haunted him, she’d renewed his hope for something better. Maybe not a full-scale relationship, but a chance to feel alive again. Only a woman could provide the kind of companionship and relief he’d craved since the night he met Tina in the parking lot at Valhalla.

Yeah, she’d conjured old feelings like a magician. Confused him. Made him stir-crazy whenever she refused his sound advice. But her smile, penetrating eyes, girlish laughter, and mischievous streak sucked him right into her world. He combed his fingers through his hair. Would she reject him? How many times had he pushed her away, begging her to understand why he wouldn’t surrender to their mutual attraction?

Vincent knew this could go one of two ways. She’d either send him packing or do what he’d grown accustomed to where Tina was concerned, devour him with enthusiasm. He pounded on the door.

She met him with a warm smile, eyeing the single white rose and bottle of red wine in his hands. “I’m glad you’re here,” she said.

Vincent’s gaze traveled slowly down her body in deep appreciation. Dressed in silky shorts and a white tank top, her curves popped. He tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “So am I.”

He followed her into the living room and couldn’t believe the song playing on the stereo: Cutting Crew’s “I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight.” The tune from Lang’s wedding reception. The night he choked like a high school boy and retreated behind the defensive walls he’d so carefully constructed after his second divorce. There’d be no repeat tonight.

He set the wine on the table, then offered the flower.

Her soft smile said it all. “Thank you, it’s beautiful.”

Then he did something surprising: he tugged her into his arms and started to sway to the beat of the music. Hands locked behind her back, he sighed as she nuzzled close and kissed his chest. For the first time in years, excitement swirled inside him, the nervous anticipation of what came next.


“Hmmm?” She looked up.

There were so many things to say. “I can’t make any promises. But I can tell you how I feel right now. Since the night you showed up, I’ve been in a fucking daze, unable to concentrate on anything but you.”

Tina studied his features, her green eyes narrowing. “I’ve wanted you since the first time we met, Vincent. I’m not afraid to admit it. And if tonight is all you can give me, so be it.”

The song ended, then restarted. “Did you . . .”

“Looped it,” she finished on a sassy grin.

He slowly backed her against the wall near the end of the sofa. Music affected Vincent in ways he couldn’t express, and knowing she’d picked this song for him, it gave him a fucking erection. He plucked the rose out of her hand and dropped it on the end table. When he turned back, she hadn’t moved an inch.

Damned if he didn’t want to claim every part of her, in the way only an outlaw biker could. They’d discussed wearing his patch, and he’d used it as a weapon against her. Stupid fool. Tina deserved the best of him, not the side that fucked pass-arounds and sent them away in the middle of the night.

He tilted her head back, then cupped her throat. She gasped, not in shock or fear, but like she understood his intent. Vincent didn’t make love just to get off. Not with Tina. He’d fantasized about this for close to a year; what he’d say, how he’d move, where he’d fuck her the first time. And though none of this had played out quite the way he’d imagined, the feelings were raw and real. Too absolute to ignore.

He pressed his forehead to hers and closed his eyes, breathing in her soft perfume. All of her, that’s what he hungered for, her body and mind.

Without needing to say a word, she raised her arms above her head and Vincent stripped off her top. The skimpy lace bra she wore served no purpose but to tease him. He buried his face between her tits, while his right hand snaked behind her back and unsnapped the metal clasp. She guided the straps down her arms and let it fall on the floor, her breasts as beautiful as he remembered, her hard nipples begging to be sucked. Trying to control his rushed breaths, he circled her areola with his tongue, pinching the other nipple at the same time. Fuck.

He raised his head then, in search of her naughty mouth. Even in the dim light he could see the glow on her cheeks. She wanted him. The throb between his legs intensified as he slanted his mouth over hers. Pure desire. Their tongues spiraled together and he lifted her off the floor.

“Tell me where to go, Tina.”

“My bedroom.”

He carried her down the hallway, frantic need driving him. After he deposited her on the queen-sized mattress, he removed his cut first, then stripped naked. Tina’s hungry gaze moved over him and she crawled to the edge of the bed, sitting on her knees. Hard as steel, the moment her tiny hand wrapped around his shaft, he arched his back and growled in ecstasy. Tina’s touch made all the difference; that raw attraction meant so much more. He might never get an opportunity to say it, but he could definitely let it be translated by the way he touched her.

She released a frustrated breath. “Your skin is so smooth,” she praised, smiling up at him. “And you’re so big.”

Soft, wet kisses on the tip of his dick made him crazy, but when she licked its length, then closed her lips tight around it, pumping her hand at the same time, his legs quivered. Pleasure jolted through him.

“Shit,” he yelled by the tenth stroke. “You’re going to kill me.”

She ignored his complaint and sucked harder and faster. He didn’t want to come in her mouth, but wanted to bury himself inside her. And after she had her first orgasm, he’d suck her clit until she screamed.

“Conserve that energy,” he advised. “I have plans for you.”

Once she was spread underneath him, he made it a point to take his time, lingering over each breast, tickling and biting her bottom lip, and nibbling the tender spots on her neck. He kissed a trail down her toned stomach, his fingers skimming over her pussy still hidden beneath her shorts.

She squirmed as he lowered them to her ankles. He sighed with appreciation when he didn’t find any panties underneath, just her trimmed little pussy, the thin strip of dark curls hot as sin. Hit by a sudden wave of carnality, he plunged two fingers inside her, followed by his tongue. She dug her fingernails into his scalp, signaling her approval. It fueled his need for more, and he inhaled her wetness, circling his tongue over her clit, suckling lightly, then nipping. Nothing would satisfy him until he had all of her.

Then he ripped his hand away from her core and reached for her breast. Vincent didn’t know where to focus; every inch of her deserved worshipping. After several more hard licks, she yanked his head up.

“Remember how you stopped me earlier?” she asked.

He nodded.

“It goes both ways. I’m running out of patience.”

She didn’t need to ask twice. He spread her legs wide, stealing a last look at her luscious center before he crawled over her, wedging his cock between her legs. Scorching heat and wetness welcomed him. Why had he deprived himself of her body a year ago? It didn’t matter anymore.

She cradled his face with both hands, giving him a tender look. “I don’t want any latex barriers between us. I’m on the pill and my papers are in the top dresser drawer if you want confirmation I’m disease free.”

Should he laugh or take her seriously? He remembered the condoms in the back pocket of his jeans. He got screened twice a year and hadn’t been with a woman since his last blood test. “I trust you.”

Like supermagnets, their mouths slammed together and her hands moved frantically down his spine. “I love your ass.” She squeezed it hard.

He chuckled. “You’ve made that abundantly clear.” For some reason he couldn’t resist her neck, which seemed to be one of his favorite spots on her body. Every time he caressed her there, she moaned.

Another deep kiss followed, and Vincent thrust inside her at the same time. He pumped his hips violently, filling her as she clung to his shoulders.

“I can’t believe we’re finally together,” she whispered.

“Believe it, baby.” He pulled out, then drove in deeper, repeating the motion until her pussy clenched around him as tight as a fist, her orgasm building.

“Vincent,” she strangled out.

“I want to feel you come first.”

She sighed, and every inch of her glorious body stiffened underneath him. Her skin flushed and her lips trembled as she let go, pleasure taking over. Damned if she didn’t look like some ancient sculpture of a goddess come to life. Instinctively he ground against her, desperate for his own relief. He’d proven himself worthy of her body in the moment, but wondered what it would take to keep her forever. Something special resided inside her heart and mind. Tina wasn’t like the other women he’d fucked; far from it. And in a perfect world, he’d marry her.

A man could fantasize . . .

Her warm breath tickled his neck. “Amazing,” she said.

“You’re perfect, Tina.” He cupped her cheeks and kissed her tender lips. She tasted so sweet. Every time their tongues twirled together she gave delicious gasps of pleasure. Another thing he couldn’t resist, all those little sexy noises she made.

As soon as she relaxed, he flipped her over. Appreciation of a nice ass must be contagious. He invaded her again, massaging her swollen clit as he hammered deep. Their sweat-slicked bodies slapped together as he sought his own release. Fucking her from behind was only the beginning. Tomorrow he’d suspend her from the ceiling if she let him.

Possession will be available in digital on April 12. Grab your copy: Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks. If you want more hot hump day excerpts (who wouldn’t?) we’ve got you covered.

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