Extended Review: Tamed by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Sometimes we have more to say about a book — in which case it’s time for an extended review! Today RT’s Elisa had some more thoughts to share on Rebekah Weatherspoon’s “Tamed.” Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

You all know how much I loved “Fit” by Rebekah Weatherspoon, so I bought “Tamed” as soon as it came out. It finally, finally made it’s way to the top of my TBR pile, and it was a delightful break between my review books (and then my I start reviewing my fun books, and the cycle continues) .

Set in the same world as “Fit”, “Tamed” follows Grant’s business partner and BDSM BFF, fellow trainer Armando, and interior designer Nailah, who has had some, er, trouble with previous trainers.

Nailah, who’s in her early 20s and still lives at home, comes from a very traditional, overprotective family. Her father, specifically, wants to control who Nailah is involved with romantically. Because of this, Nailah doesn’t do relationships, because why bother if it might be someone she can’t bring home to meet mom and dad? Instead, casual sex is the way to go for Nailah, and she’s found the perfect arrangement with her trainer. But when her dad finds out (he’s the one paying for her sessions), it’s time to find someone new to help with her workouts.

Conveniently, Nailah’s dad, a prominent doctor, works with one of Grant and Armando’s BDSM pals, and suggests Armando. Because there’s no way a trainer/Dom would try anything with Nailah, right? Riiighht. Except he doesn’t! Armando keeps things professional, and it’s Nailah who makes the first move. Right off the bat, Nailah is given a ton of sexual agency in this story, and I loved it. I love Nailah for many reasons, but this was my first instance of Nailah love. I also really liked that this power dynamic reinforces the idea that good Doms aren’t (or rather, shouldn’t be) predatory. Just because he’s a Dom in the bedroom doesn’t mean he needs to act like an Alpha-hole 24/7.

So the two become involved, and Nailah, while sexual, doesn’t know much about BDSM, so Armando takes her to a party, where he thinks he’s giving her space and allowing her to get to know his kinky friends, but he’s actually just straight up ignoring her. Armando, you fool! You don’t take a novice to a kinky sex party and then leave them on their own. Even a tough chick like Nailah. This mistake calls for an exquisite groveling scene, yes? Oh yes.

So Armando realizes that he has feelings for Nailah after his epic screw up, and ‘fesses up. I don’t want to spoil a delicious grovel scene, but it’s glorious, because Nailah is amazing:

“… just because a guy bum-rushes me with his feelings-splooge doesn’t mean I have to swallow it and like it. Or ask for more.”

Even more amazing than Nailah? Her mom, who has this to say after her daughter tells her about Armando:

“Her mom shrugged. ‘If you don’t like him then don’t talk to him. But if you have feelings, I say, why not? Good man, good job. Sore butt. All sound like good things to me.’”

Amen, Mrs. Shalaby. A. Freakin’. Men.

Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Fit series is, thus far, wonderful. She can pull off the novella length, but at the end of “Tamed,” I was wishing there was more. The dialogue was punchy, and watching Nailah put Armando in his place (and vice versa) was so much fun. I highly suggest this series if you’re looking for something light and sexy in between novels.

Both “Fit” and “Tamed” are available digitally now. For more steamy romance visit our Everything Erotica page.

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