Eye Candy Recap: Episode 1.10 — "A4U" (Season Finale)

Here we are, guys! The season finale of Eye Candy! If you haven’t watched the episode yet and don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you stop reading right now. Otherwise, read on!

“Now you listen to me, okay? You’re going to be fine. One day you’ll find her and she’ll be perfect,” says a distraught father to his young son. He tells the kid to sit tight and not to go into the next room. We hear a gun shot. The kid gets up and finds his parents, dead and bleeding at the table, and a gun in his father’s hands.

We flash forward to sketch Jake steering a boat. Lindy finally gets Sophia’s frantic texts about tracking down Tessa, so she tracks Tessa’s phone and discovers it in one of Jake’s bags.

At Lindy’s apartment, Tommy and Connor bust in and find blood everywhere. Tessa’s body’s been moved in front of Lindy’s computer. The bathroom door is also smashed up and Connor realizes Sophia had tried to hide and the killer found her. He calls her phone, which has been shoved into Tessa’s skull. Tommy removes it; I cringe and try not to pass out. The phone bares a warning not to follow. Later, George shows up at the apartment and freaks out over Tessa’s body. “WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW? I DON’T LIKE HOW I’M FEELING RIGHT NOW,” he says. Me, too, George. Me, too.


Creep Count: 5

Lindy remains calm as she and Jake dock on Hart Island and set out to find Sara’s potential body. They find the spot and discover someone’s already been there. Lindy’s suspicious, but Jake is shady and insists they dig it up anyway.

Tommy and Connor can’t find Tessa’s phone, and Tommy insists Jake’s bugged the cyber crimes unit, so they most definitely can’t call in for help. He has Connor channel his inner Veronica Mars to find out exactly who Jake is while George tries to locate Tessa’s phone.

As they dig, Lindy begins questioning Jake about Tessa and finally reveals she found the phone in his bag. He gets angry and starts spazzing out and angrily talking to himself. Lindy finally connects the dots and identifies him as the killer. (What took you so long, Lindy?) She demands he open the coffin. Inside is a tablet. He says the girl inside was not Sara and claims the tablet contains a video that will show Lindy the truth. He makes her climb inside to pick it up. Using her shovel, she tries knocking him over, but he recovers quickly and chokes her unconscious.

After several Teen Mom commercials, Lindy wakes up to find herself in the old rehab center on the island. Meanwhile, Tommy sneaks into the station and steals some equipment, including a special case that contains some sort of technology that makes George fanboy like never before. Yeager tries stopping him, but Tommy knocks him out. George and Connor set up camp at the club and hack into the cyber crimes unit’s system. When Tommy arrives, Connor goes over everything he’s found out about Jake, including the fact his parents met and fell in love while his mom was a rehab patient and his father was serving time for assault.

Lindy breaks out of her room and starts wandering the hospital. She hears some old-timey music and, like the horror movie femme she is, goes to investigate, only to wind up in Jake’s clutches. With mannequins sitting at a table dressed like his parents, he tells Lindy how his parents fell in love and ran off into the sunset. Oh, ho! Not so fast. His mom went back to using drugs, his father killed her and then killed himself. Jake wants Lindy to know all this because she’s his “perfect one,” the very lady his father referenced before the murder/suicide.

Tommy and Connor make their way to the island on a stolen boat, and George is given permission to open the special box and use what’s inside to finally locate Tessa’s phone. George is giddy.

Jake says Lindy’s one imperfection is the grief over her sister, which he can fix. He flicks on an old TV to show Sophia, tied up in a van that’s quickly filling with gas/smoke. Jake gets all cray-cray excited and wants Lindy to save Sophia so she can overcome her grief of not being able to save Sara. The van is right outside, so Lindy races to save her bestie. She succeeds! Hooray! While they run off, Jake makes out with his reflection. (Not gonna lie, it’s strangely hot. #sorrynotsorry) But then he gets angry and smashes the mirror. (So not hot.) Lindy and Sophia race to the dock to find the boat gone.


George, who’s been joined by a ready-to-help Yeager, manages to break through the firewall on the island and pinpoints Lindy’s location. Meanwhile, Lindy realizes Jake has set up a private network on the island and she and Sophia set off to find it so they can send an SOS. Following power and antenna cables into the depths of an old fort, Lindy and Sophia stumble upon Jake’s computer, which has no keyboard. It scans Lindy’s face and says, “Hello, Lindy, it’s nice to meet you,” in the same voice the killer’s voiceover’s have been in. Um….What?!

Creep Count: 2

Commercial break ends and Computer Jake narrates Jake’s whole stalker campaign against Lindy. Then we flashback to Little Jake digging out his mother’s used syringe and using it to kill her because she had messed everything up. Jake’s father comes in and thinks she overdosed. Lindy starts downloading everything Computer Jake has on her sister, but before she can succeed, Real Jake shows up, stabs Sophia and tries making out with Lindy. He tells her to come with him and maybe then Tommy and Connor can save Sophia. So Lindy goes with him. Connor rushes in moments later and finds a dying Sophia. “What took you so long?” she quips.

Outside, Tommy finds Jake and Lindy. She urges him to go and save Sophia, but he won’t leave her. In an effort to fool Jake, she claims to ~love~ him. Tommy declares he’ll never stop looking for her before reluctantly turning away. I laugh and snort.

Back at the station, Tommy finally rallies the team and is über-mad that no one has managed to track down Jake and Lindy. Turns out all trace of Jake and Lindy’s identities have been wiped from the Internet and the world. George calls and asks for his help.


Meanwhile, at the train station, Jake gives Lindy a gift: the tablet containing everything he found out about her sister. He reveals they’re going back to her hometown. As they get up to board, Lindy spots George, who sets off a mass text that alerts everyone in the station that Jake, the dashing man in front of them, is the Flirtual killer. He is so not happy. He whips out a gun, but Lindy’s removed the bullets and she’s rightfully smug about it. Tommy shows up with the police and gives Jake a good ass-whoopin’. Lindy and Tommy stare longingly at each other before Lindy races off.


We, once again, return to the station, where Tommy and Jake have a heart-to-heart interrogation. Tommy wants to know who orchestrated Reece’s murder and where Lindy has gone, and Jake wants his lawyer.

Lindy visits a recovering Sophia in the hospital and vanishes before Connor can see her. Later, Lindy instant messages Tommy. In one of the fantasy scenarios, they’re talking face-to-face. He wants her to come back, but she insists she has to go on her own to keep everyone safe. He apologizes for his previous betrayal, she accepts with a smile. In reality, she just signs off like a boss.

The night comes to a close with a slow-mo shot of Jake being led through the station in handcuffs. Tommy stares longingly out the window while Lindy hops on a bus. She finally pulls out the tablet and watches a video from the night Sara was taken. It shows Sara getting out of the van and then getting picked up by her hoodlum boyfriend. The audio reveals Sara saying, “Now we’ll be safe. Lindy will be safe.” Lindy’s confused and so am I.

The end.

Creep Count: 7

Bottom Line: What a finale! There’s enough closure to leave viewers pleased should the show fail to score a renewal, but the twist in Sara’s “abduction” is enough of a tease to keep viewer interest in tact. Now, can we get a second season?

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