Eye Candy Recap: Episode 1.2 — "BRB"

The uber-shady night begins with a lady getting ready for a facial. But instead of a lovely spa employee ready to rejuvenate her face, Creeper Man walks in and pours paint thinner on her because apparently the only way to achieve perfect skin is to burn off the old and let the new in … Uh, no, thank you. *shudder*

Creep Count: 2


At the club, Lindy meets up with car junkie/potential Creeper Man Reese, who offers her drugs. She smartly pretends to take it, but really drops it on the floor. Gold star for you, Lindy! Above them, Connor and Sophia watch, concerned, though they both know Lindy’s just trying to find Ben’s killer. (I still miss you, Ben. *sobs*)

Outside of the club, Tommy and his partner are on a stakeout. When Tommy sees Lindy leave with Reese, he calls her and tells her one of Reese’s recent Flirtual hook-ups just had her face burned off. Lindy pretends she’s talking to her mom and tells Reese she has to go and he’s none too pleased, but eventually concedes. After, Tommy and Lindy exchange heated words about regret and blame and Ben’s murder.

Lindy returns home super late/the next day to find Sophia waiting up for her and ready to confront her bestie about Ben’s death and her reckless amateur investigation. (“Romancing a murder is not exactly a good idea,” Sophia quips. Maybe Lindy should hop inside a cozy mystery?)

Later, Sergeant Catherine Shaw from the cyber crime NYPD unit corners Lindy at the coffee shop right across from Jake’s apartment, the hot Australian man/swoonboat/potential Creeper Man from Flirtual. Sergeant Lady knows about Lindy’s missing sister and offers her a job before leaving with Tommy. Before commercial, we cut to Lindy’s stalker photographing her like the creep he is.

Creep Count: 3

The obnoxious commercial break ends with Lindy attending a support group — except, it’s just one of her fantasies again. (Is she cray cray, or is she just super desperate to be on CSI instead?) Her doorbell snaps her out of her daydream. It’s Jake, who shows up somehow knowing where she lives offering to cook. Lindy asks him how he knows where she lives, but he evades it and apparently the writers decided it’s not important. And, for some reason, Lindy lets Jake use a bunch of knives — to cook, of course, but still. Luckily, before things can potentially get bloody, Sophia and Connor arrive.

“Thank God you’re here,” Lindy tells Sophia in the bathroom. Now she remembers how weird it is that Jake knows where she lives. Connor joins their powwow and the three decide to see what happens. Dinner goes smoothly and the night ends without any fatalities. Jakes seems to win over Lindy’s friends and shaves off a bit of his creeper vibe. Things get awkward when Tommy arrives to see Lindy kiss Jake goodnight. He’s mad that Lindy’s interfering with the investigation. Or is he jealous?!

Eager to learn more about Reese’s lady friend whose face was burned off, Lindy calls her co-worker at 3 AM to join her at their office where they hack into the transit security feeds, as one does, surrounding the spa. In the video, she notices a car that looks suspiciously like Reese’s parked on the side of the building. Bingo! Maybe? Lindy’s pretty sure because before we watch a few Pizza Hut ads, she’s officially teaming up with Sergeant Lady and Tommy, claiming Reese’s alibi is fake.


Tommy isn’t convinced the car in the video is Reese’s, but Sergeant Lady is on Lindy’s side. Since Reese is planning a Roman holiday, they want to make a move ASAP, so it’s a good thing Lindy has a date with Possible Creeper! Tommy confronts Sergeant Lady about how reckless Lindy is, but S.L. likes that about their spunky amateur sleuth. And it appears Tommy knows something about S.L. that I’m now dying to know, too. Meanwhile, Lindy finds Ben’s desk, where she recalls the first time Lindy called him … from a payphone, because she was being cautious. (It’s actually a cute moment.)

DATE NIGHT! Reese pulls up and flings open the passenger door — from the inside. Rude. With Tommy trailing behind, Reese winds up taking Lindy out of Manhattan, claiming he has something better in mind than a noisy restaurant. Lindy starts panicking when Tommy gets stuck behind a bridge barricade. Turns out, the bridge doesn’t operate this late at night. REESE RIGGED IT. RIGHT? RIGHT?!

Creep Count: 6

Also, if I have to see another commercial for J. Lo’s The Boy Next Door, I’m going to throw a Grade A temper tantrum. No, J. Lo, just no.

Going with his whole car motif, Reese takes her to a car junk yard and tries to woo her by waxing philosophic how people are like cars: easily discarded. Then he starts getting handsy and claims he’s “not a nice guy” who just wants to “have fun.” Okay, then! When Lindy makes to leave, he apologizes and claims the alcohol is making him weird. Well, sure, but I have a feeling you can do weird all on your own, buddy. He gives her his keys and tells her to wait by the car while he cleans up. Tommy’s already at the car, trying to break in, but before he can, he’s whacked upside the head.

When Lindy finally shows up to the car, she’s expecting to find Tommy inside, but instead she finds a creepy mannequin with her face glued to it. The doors lock and the car starts backing up on its own. (Reese has a super high tech car). Tommy’s tied up in the trunk and left to her own devices, Lindy starts trying to hack the car system to disconnect it from whatever Creeper Man’s using to control it, Finally, before Tommy can get crushed between a wall, Lindy succeeds. And guess what? Reese is nowhere to be found.

Back at the station, they’re all on the hunt for Reese. When Sophia and Connor arrive, Lindy spills the beans that she’s now working with the police department. Lindy’s BFFs are now officially involved because their photos are also plastered on the weird mannequin. Sophia’s concerned about Lindy’s involvement with the police considering how badly they treated her in the past. While they chitchat, Connor stealthily snaps photos of the crime scene board. What are you up to, Connor? Tommy catches him snooping and their exchange in a hilarious moment where Tommy thinks Connor’s flirting with him. (I would ship them so hard.)


Lindy and Tommy receive a video message on their phones showing Lindy and Reese on their date. It then shows Creeper Man attacking Reese and they realize Reese isn’t the killer, but his latest victim.

Final Creep Count: 6
Bottom Line: Listen to Sophia: “Romancing a murder is not exactly a good idea.” Preach, Sophia.

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