Eye Candy Recap: Episode 1.5 — "IRL"

Tommy comes home to find people taking all of his stuff, which is due to a bogus ad online. His dog is missing, so he uses his furry friend’s tracking chip to find him. Turns out, the poor dog was about to get euthanized! The vet shows him what the chip scanner found: “Happy Anniversary — Bubonic.”

Creep Count: 1

Connor’s out on a date with a nice guy named Oliver at one of those eat-in-the-dark restaurants. (I’ve always wanted to try that.) One of their fellow diners is a loud laugher. (This is important, I promise.) When Connor gets up to use the restroom, our killer swipes the attendant’s night goggles and goes in to mess with Oliver to teach Connor a lesson about blabbing on the Internet. Lady Loud Laugher gets on his nerves, so he kills her, as serial killers do. The lights come on and everyone is horrified to find her throat slit, bleeding to death. Oh, and the killer left her tongue on Oliver’s plate.

Creep Count: 5

At Lindy’s place, Connor freaks out and goes over everything with Lindy and Tommy. Sophia comforts him with spiked tea. Tommy deduces that the killer is trying to send a message to Connor about his gossip blogging. Connor reveals his boss, Hamish, has been writing most of the posts.

When Tommy, Lindy and Sergeant Lady confront Hamish, he reveals he’s going to throw a serial killer party to show the city isn’t afraid. Lindy thinks they can use the party to their advantage, saying the killer is a narcissist, so why would they miss a party thrown in their favor? Oh, Lindy, you’re so smart. Sergeant Lady agrees to grant a permit for the party as long as they get to choose the venue, which turns out to be Sophia’s club. Lindy’s BFF only agrees as long as “not a stitch of polyester walks through that door.” So sassy and stylish, that Sophia.

Later, Tommy’s out on a jog — not shirtless, I might add — and finds Sergeant Lady waiting for him. She’s checking in on him about the anniversary of “Bubonic,” who is apparently a big bad the cyber crimes unit let get away.

Yes, come to me, Tommy! I’ll be waiting!

At the club, the police are busy face-checking everyone who’s entering the club for the killer party — pun intended. Tommy nonchalantly wanders the floor, checking in on all the other undercover cops, including Detective Yeager, the cop Sophia and Conner have been mildly flirting with in previous episodes. Tommy then joins Lindy on the second floor, where they have a heart-to-heart.

Connor broods over Oliver while Sophia tries to get the undercover cops to be less obvious. Oliver shows up — and so does Jake, who Lindy hasn’t seen since he was arrested. Sophia thinks Lindy should come clean to him or else she better “wrestle him into the friend zone quickly.” Lindy finally gets over herself and confronts him. Of course, he’s super charming and apologizes for ruining her birthday party. Jake hopes they can reconnect, but Lindy kindly rebuffs him by saying she’s trying to get over a break up. As they toast to being friends, Hamish shows up.

Suddenly, the police’s feeds cut out and Tommy receives a text to go outside. When he goes out, a man shows up and beats the crap out of our favorite hot cop. Even beat up, Tommy’s still pretty hot, not gonna lie.

Inside, the music cuts out and everyone receives a text while a creepy voiceover says they’re about to play a game to win a million dollars. Everyone is super confused and Lindy thinks Hamish is up to something nefarious.

The first dare of the game is to kiss the person next to you and take a picture. Lindy sends George to where the police have set up a makeshift headquarters to the bottom of the game while she looks for Tommy. Meanwhile, Oliver recognizes the killer’s scent from the restaurant and he and Connor run off to investigate. Hamish confronts Lindy, tells her a million dollars has been stolen from his account, and tries to hire her to track down the killer. She refuses.

As Tommy slowly regains consciousness, Bubonic shows up, wearing a weird bird mask, and tells him, “Let the games begin.” Um, no thanks, Bubonic. I think I’ll sit this one out.

Inside, the game continues with a dare to lick the sole of a shoe. Sophia is disgusted and is harassed by a guy. Thankfully, Yeager saves her and possibly flirts with Connor. Jake recognizes Yeager as the cop who arrested him and asks Lindy what’s going on. She finally spills (almost) all the beans.


Meanwhile, the killer sets his sights on Oliver.

George learns that the game is being broadcast within the club using a certain code, which he and Lindy recognizes as Bubonic’s signature. Lindy reveals he’s a world-class hacker who used to be good before turning oh so evil. She almost took a job with him, too!

Hamish tries to leave, but the rules of the game say no one can do so. But Lindy and Jake need to get a antenna from George’s truck, so they try to sneak out of the boiler room. Upstairs, the next dare takes place: punch someone in the face. Someone punches poor Oliver and Connor punches him back before kissing his date. ~swoon~


Finally, Tommy wakes up. In an ambulance with Sergeant Lady. He tells her it’s not the Flirtual killer but Bubonic, and she tells him there’s a bomb. Yikes.

As Jake and Lindy make their way through the boiler room, Jake is knocked out, leaving Lindy alone in this perfect set up for a murder. Lindy then finds a bloodied Jake unconscious and handcuffed with a ticking time bomb. One timer is a countdown to when the money for the game runs out, while the other is the boiler room temperature.

Upstairs, the next dare is to cut off a finger. Seriously, people? You’re going to cut each other’s fingers off? Oh, you totally just did. Can we go back to Connor and Oliver kissing?

Creep Count: 10

Armed with two cops, Lindy sets out to find Bubonic, who they’re tracking via George’s makeshift Wi-Fi connection. As Lindy realizes he’s below them, the next dare to steal someone’s phone starts. Her cop buddies are detained, leaving Lindy alone to face Bubonic in the basement. Her connection goes out just as Bubonic shows up on the police’s screens, to taunt Tommy. And then Bubonic screech-laughs like a dolphin. Seriously, folks. It happened.

While Lindy checks on Jake, Bubonic shows up for a little chat and tells Lindy she’s working with murderers while claiming he’s a “truth teller” and a “patriot.” (Yeah, and I’m a unicorn.) He tells her the government tortured the love of his life to reveal his identity, and that she ended up killing herself. Lindy’s surprised and hurt Tommy didn’t tell her all of this. Lindy then asks Mr. Patriot if he knows anything about Sarah, he doesn’t, but it was a good try. He then gives her the phone that will stop the game and bomb. The peeps in the club are so not happy about losing all the money they just “won.” Um, you people are CRAY CRAY.

Sophia imparts some wisdom to Lindy: “We are never throwing a party together again. Never.”

Once freed from the club, people are arrested, treated and Jake and Lindy kiss. ~more swoon~ Tommy sees and wants to cry. ~ugh~ Okay, maybe not, but he’s still hurt. After, when Tommy asks Lindy what happened inside and if she saw Bubonic, she lies and nonchalantly asks why he thinks Bubonic came back. Tommy also lies.

He’s so disgusted by Lindy and Jake’s kiss.

Meanwhile, Bubonic and Hamish meet up. They’re in cahoots!

The night ends with Oliver going back inside to grab his phone and when he does, he’s lassoed by a noose and killed by the Flirtual Killer.

Bottom Line: Don’t throw parties with Lindy.

Final Creep Count: 10

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