Eye Candy Recap: Episode 1.7 — "SOS"

Blindfolded, a woman named Beth is led into an elevator by her hot date, Nick, who’s rented out a swanky apartment through Virtual Slumber (aka airBnB) for some sexy time because apparently their long distance relationship doesn’t provide much sexy time. As usual, the clothes come off, we fade to black, and we come back to Nick waking up the next morning to find Beth unconscious and his side of the bed covered in blood. When he stands up to call 911, he winces and we learn his back is covered in gouges.


Creep Count: 5

Lindy and a very dapper Jake meet up in Prospect Park, where Jake asks Lindy to help one of his friends—Nick, who thinks he and Beth were drugged. Lindy, being the smart lady she sometimes is, wants him to file a complaint, like any sane person would, but Nick doesn’t want to risk his new potential new job offer with Jake’s law firm. Later, Jake apologizes for using her and their lips get up close and personal. We cut to her stalker/serial killer watching them through a surveillance camera feed. “Do I have to kill someone else to get your attention?” he voiceovers. “Please, don’t make me do something we will all regret.” Yeah, Lindy. Please don’t.

Creep Count: 1

Lindy comes home to find Sophia hanging out with her boarding school friend, Tessa, who seems like trouble. (*cue Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble”, goat version*) Tessa’s going to be staying with them for a while and Lindy wants Sophia to tell her everything. Sophia disagrees.

George comes knocking and is instantly smitten with Tessa, but, sadly, he must scurry off with Lindy to her room so they can investigate Virtual Slumber. George is more interested in what’s going on with her and Jake, and their exchange is super cute. Wanting to know more about the apartment Nick rented with Beth, they try to hack into the apartment’s Wi-Fi, but can’t — so they go to the building to hack in. Turns out the apartment doesn’t have a fire escape — which is illegal and kind of disturbing — and Nick and Beth were the last ones to visit. George discovers the apartment is rigged with hidden cameras.

Back at the cyber crimes unit station, Lindy, George and Tommy trace the video feeds to a voyeur website. Remind me to never use airBnB.


Creep Count: 4

At the club, Connor laments about Oliver’s lack of communication to Sophia. (Psst, he’s dead, Connor.) They then regroup with let’s-have-shots Tessa. Later, Sophia and Connor finally spill the beans on Lindy’s serial killer problem, but she seems unconcerned. Sophia thinks something’s up.

Meanwhile, at the station, Tommy implores Lindy to get Nick and Beth to come in because he thinks Nick’s hiding something. Turns out, Nick’s been renting the same apartment over and over again … with different women. When they try and access the footage from his night with Beth, they’re met with a creepy “You don’t get to play here” message.

Lindy sort of catfishes Beth online, posing as one of Nick’s “flings” and in one of Lindy’s fantasy scenarios, Beth tells her that she knows about Nick’s other lady friends, but that “she got her revenge” and to “leave me alone.” While Lindy did that, George hacked into Beth’s portion of the website, where he finds a video of someone pulling a drugged out Nick out of bed and caning his back. Basically, unlike Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne, Beth had someone else do her dirty work.

At Lindy’s place, she and George uncover a hidden URL to Beth’s portion of the voyeur website that contains videos of creepsters “playing” with renters who’ve been drugged. Turns out people who rent one of the shady apartments end up on a “purchase” list, Babylon, where others can buy playtime with them. And guess who’s on it because she reserved Nick’s shady apartment? LINDY.

Lindy convinces Tommy and the force to do a sting operation with her posing as a renter. So Lindy attempts to whisk Sophia, and Tessa, away to Montauk, but she later finds them still at the apartment, partying it up. Furious, she gives Tessa the legit lowdown and Tessa finally realizes how serious the situation is.

Back at the station, Jake thanks her and tells her to be careful. Nick doesn’t want to press charges, only be removed from the internet. Oh, and guess who’s joining Lindy on her rendevousz? Tommy McHottie. Feeling left out, Jake and George scheme to crash the sting operation in George’s office-on-wheels van.


That night, Lindy and Tommy play house in the apartment. Thinking the complimentary wine is drugged, Lindy switches it with non-drugged wine. While they wait for the voyeuristic creepster to log on, George and Jake tune in. Tommy and Lindy aren’t playing the part of a horny couple too well, so Tommy ramps it up and they get all kissy.

Poor Jake isn’t too thrilled about this. ~Awkward~

At the station, Sophia finally confronts sketchwad Tessa, who reveals her parents are getting a divorce. “Everything is all temporary,” she says. Oh, Tessa, you’re so wise. Though, she does try and get Sophia to hit on Yeager, so she’s good for something. But when Sophia finally flirts with him, he rebuffs her because he has to focus on his job, which is protecting her. So cute.

As Tommy and Lindy prepare to get all cozy in bed, we find our voyeur, donning a fencing mask and breathing heavily, watching Lindy through the bathroom mirror. When she walks into the bedroom, she finds Tommy wigging out. Turns out the pillows are covered in drugs. Voyeur Creepster shows up and attacks Lindy. She fights valiantly, but is knocked unconscious.

In the van, Jake and George realize the video feed has been looped. Jake runs out to warn the cops and Yeager sends in the troops. But they arrive too late. Tommy’s there, but Lindy’s gone.

Commercial break ends with Lindy gagged and handcuffed to ceiling pipes. Voyeur Creepster turns on his webcam so everyone on the site can watch as he tears open the back of her shirt and prepares to brand her with an X. Meanwhile, Tommy hears Lindy’s cries and realizes there’s a secret cellar in the apartment building. He comes to the rescue just in time and tackles Voyeur Creepster to the ground and beats the crap out of him. The police show up, Lindy clings to Tommy, and Jake is a little jealous and leaves.

At the station, Tommy interrogates Voyeur Creepster. We learn he was never going to brand Lindy, that he, her serial killer and stalker, just wanted to scare her. Creepster doesn’t know who paid him to do so, but says Lindy does. “He has the power. He always has the power to harm you,” he tells Lindy. “You broke his heart.”

Final Creep Count: 10

Bottom Line: I am totally never using airBnB or anything like it. Ever. Especially since it’s legal for property owners to film what goes on inside their homes.

Alright, guys, there are only three episodes left until the season finale! Will we finally learn the identity of Lindy’s stalker? Will Tommy spend an entire episode shirtless? We’re keeping our fingers crossed. Catch my previous recaps here.

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