Eye Candy Recap: Episode 1.8 — "AMA"

The night begins with drugs, mood lighting and a gross close-up of needle puncturing skin. A hot shirtless man shoots up and then sits down to video chat with someone who tells him, “Remember, an eye for an eye.” He then pulls out a pair of scissors and stabs himself in the eye. I screamed in terror along with him. This lovely scene shows us the Babylon Portal from last week, an illegal online hub where anyone can sell anything. Catherine, aka Sergeant Lady, wants to trace the stalker through his purchase of Lindy.


Turns out eye-stabber Kent is a former model-turned-photographer. Lindy’s convinced someone forced him to stab himself, so she’s tasked with finding out who. Tommy and Yeager visit Kent and show him phony potential suspects and ask him about what happened. Kent’s story is utterly bogus. Back at the station, as Lindy waits for Kent to log onto Babylon, she discovers a prostitution site.

At the club, Sophia freaks out about Tessa, who’s MIA, to Connor. She decides to do the unthinkable: call Tessa’s parental unit. Gasp!

Lindy discovers a photo of Sarah on the prostitution site. Wanting to know if the photo is a fake, Lindy has George compare it to other photos of her. Looking at the metadata, George discovers the photo was taken three years ago in their hometown. He also discovers a hidden file within the photo, but before he can open it, Tessa shows up and tells him to skedaddle soon because she has a friend stopping by. She leaves, George sends Lindy the file. It’s her case file from when she was arrested and as she sifts through it, we’re taken down memory lane in a flashback.

Past Lindy goes to meet a hacker named JJ who says he can help find Sarah. This is also where she meets George, who’s part of JJ’s hacker group, Outliers, and he’s convinced she’s with the police. So she proves herself by hacking information about the group. She hacks into his personal Instagram-y account and boom, she’s impressed him. Lindy goes by the name “Magnifly.” You’re so ~cool~, Lindy.


Outside of the Outliers hideout, Past Tommy watches Past Lindy and Past George buddy up.

Present Day: Lindy tries to access any police records containing her code name “Magnifly” and discovers the original case file is blocked because it’s been redacted and the only copy is on Sergeant Lady’s server. The killer did this to set her up and she decides to hack the cyber crimes unit. Tommy shows up to tell her Kent’s finally logged onto Babylon, so they now have a record of everything he’s bought, which is a bunch of ladies. The gang watches as he deletes a random girl from his list; she turns out to be Eve Farmington, who has an impaired eye. Before he and Yeager set out to find Eve, Tommy notices Lindy’s distracted and is worried.

Lindy decides to stay behind while the boys go track down Eve. Sergeant Lady wants to have a heart-to-heart and wants to discuss making Lindy a more permanent fixture. Suddenly, an alarm goes off thanks to George and everyone’s evacuated. Everyone except Lindy, who has stealthily stayed inside to hack Sergeant Lady’s computer.

Tommy and Yeager find Eve, who claims to have nothing to do with Kent’s eye stabbing and that Kent was the one who beat her up so badly the doctor’s couldn’t save her eye. They want her help in shutting down Babylon, but she says she can’t help them. They think she’s lying and they realize she’s protecting someone — Kent’s assistant, who’s also her brother!

Lindy gets into Sergeant Lady’s computer and learns she, Tommy and Ben had her under surveillance for a while. In a flashback, we see Tommy and Ben (BEN!) pitching Lindy to Catherine. They’re trying to smoke out Bubonic, aka JJ. Ben doesn’t want them to use Lindy, but Sergeant Lady doesn’t want any of his sass.

Present Day Lindy isn’t too pleased about being used by Tommy and the others.

Sophia and Connor come home to find Tessa’s clothes everywhere and her kissing and getting handsy with a ginger on the couch. Sophia’s not impressed, Tessa’s evasive and Connor thinks he knows the ginger. Turns out Tessa lied about her parent’s divorce, and Tessa divulges they’ve had a falling out of sorts and she just needs Sophia to be there for her. Sophia agrees, stupidly. ASK MORE QUESTIONS, SOPHIA!


Lindy’s case file has a reference number attached to it, the same number Sarah’s bracelet has engraved on it, so she journeys down to the evidence archives and finds the appropriate box. Inside is a ringing cell phone: “You’re getting warmer, Lindy. They don’t love you, not like I do,” the killer tells her. George tries to trace the phone call.

Tommy and Yeager question Luca, Eve’s brother, who admits to scheming his way into Kent’s graces and getting avenging his sister. They offer him a potential deal with the D.A. if he helps them find out who’s behind Babylon.

In the box, Lindy also finds audio recordings of Tommy when he started to try and get in with Lindy.

Flashback: Tommy shows up to Sophia’s club to make a move on Lindy. Ben swoops in and steals Tommy’s thunder. Later, Lindy and Ben discuss apocalypse plans, and how he thinks people are good deep down, and she doesn’t. Not wanting to get involved, she starts to leave, but he stops her and gives her his number since she doesn’t hand hers out, ‘cause she’s smart. Tommy’s been watching the whole time and is super pissed. Ben doesn’t trust him, not after how Tommy botched the last Bubonic attempt, which involved Bubonic’s girlfriend, who ended up getting killed.


Present Day: George warns Lindy to get out of there ASAP because the police are almost done sweeping the building. As she hurries, she drops the box and finds Ben’s St. Christopher necklace, which he had given to Lindy one time while they were getting cozy in bed. Shirtless. Present Day Lindy realizes the necklace was bugged. She’s devastated.

Back upstairs and in an interrogation room, Lindy reads over the official transcript of her first meeting with Bubonic, we flashback to the very moment:

Bubonic, adorned in his weird bird mask, wants her to design a software to help him pull off a major crime. He says the people who’ve hired him have information about her sister. She reluctantly agrees to help. Listening in, Sergeant Lady and Tommy are pleased, Ben’s not. Later, Ben shows up and arrests Lindy in an attempt to protect her from Tommy and Sergeant Lady.

As Lindy snaps back to present day, George calls and tells her the killer’s inside the unit. As if on cue, the killer locks her in the interrogation room. She turns around and sees him in the window/divider. He shows her a recording of Sergeant Lady drilling Ben, who reveals he really had fallen in love with Lindy and purposefully compromised Tommy and Catherine’s plans. We learn Sergeant Lady was the one who hired Bubonic and really does have info on Sarah. The video finishes and the killer is gone.

Evacuation is over, Lindy confronts Tommy. He claims it was all “before I really knew you,” but she’s not having it. She demands he tell her about Sarah. He says Catherine knows of a case involving a man who abducted girls, but that’s it. Fed up, Lindy tells him it’s over and storms out. Tommy’s hurt.


Tessa skips out on plans with Sophia, and Connor’s convinced she’s up to something. He suddenly remembers who the ginger is: one of Lindy’s original Flirtual matches. Could he be the killer?! Sophia uses Connor’s app to see if Tessa’s on the app and yep, she is — wearing Lindy’s clothes and seemingly dating Lindy’s matches.

While Lindy spies on Catherine, the killer goes to meet Tessa, “the imposter.”

Bottom Line: I feel so betrayed. Tommy, how could you?! And while I missed seeing Jake this time around, it was lovely seeing Ben. I really hope the writer’s pull embrace their inner soap opera and bring him back from the dead. #wishfulthinking

We’re getting close to the finale, guys! And it looks like we might finally learn who Lindy’s stalker/killer is next week! Catch up on last week’s episode here.

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