Fighting Fire with Firemen: Jennifer Bernard and Candis Terry Debate

Convention roomies have a special bond, as authors Candis Terry and Jennifer Bernard can tell you. Of course, things can get a little heated when debating whose firefighter hero is best. (We love them all. Seriously, don’t make us choose.) The ladies let us in on what it’s like when they debate, Jennifer’s Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series, or Candis’ Sweet, Texas books…

My friend Jennifer Bernard and I have been convention roommates on several occasions over the past couple of years. Once in a while we sneak down to the hotel bar for chips, a bowl of three-alarm salsa and maybe even a glass of El Fuego wine …

CT: Jenny, my friend, I know I’ve only written two firemen in my Sweet, Texas series as opposed to your nine Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, but come on, I’m talking about Jackson Wilder from Sweetest Mistake. He is seriously hot.

JB: Candis, you know how much I loved Jackson, and I’m so excited that your next hero is a firefighter too. I can’t wait to read Sweet Surprise and I’m thrilled about more fireman romances, but let’s get real here. Not only can my firemen form an entire baseball team, whereas yours are more like doubles tennis partners, but my Bachelor Firemen came first. Just saying.

CT: True, yours came first and you have more. And I must admit I just finished reading The Night Belongs to Fireman and Fred is a fabulous fireman hero.  But . . . Jackson is not only a sizzling firefighter, he’s also a former Marine — and a cowboy!

JB: Are you trying to make me faint right here in the bar? Because if I do, promise you’ll call 911. I’d like to be revived by a hot paramedic, please.

(Candis snort laughs and chokes on her salsa)

JB: I know Mike in Sweet Surprise is going to be just as yummy as Jackson. But I think there’s one area in which the Bachelor Firemen still have the edge. My firemen have awesome nicknames. Psycho … Hoagie … Stud … Thor?  And yes, I did name Thor after Chris Hemsworth. Is that a problem?

CT: First of all, there is never a problem where Chris Hemsworth is concerned! Second, Fireman Mike “Hooch” Halsey is not only a great life saver, he’s half Brazilian. Yeah. Beat that! He can speak Portuguese. The man can whisper “Eu quero você” in your ear in that deep sexy voice, melt your panties — and then give you mouth-to-mouth. Ba-Bam!

JB: Is it hot in here or is that my ovaries spontaneously combusting? (clicks pre-order link) There. Mike’s waiting for me at home now. Okay, I have to hand it to you, Candis, Mike Hottie … I mean, Halsey … sounds divine. If he becomes a championship-level martial arts competitor like Fred, or a heli-rappelling Hot Shot like Psycho, or a chef good enough to open his own restaurant like Roman, then maybe … maybe … we can talk. In the meantime, can you pass me a glass of water, or maybe a fire hose? I’m feeling a little overheated.

CT: Ha! As a former team leader for the U.S. Army’s Special Ops, Fireman Mike handles himself just fine in the martial arts and rappelling department. But you know what he’s even better at?

JB: Give me a second  . . . imagination going into overdrive  . . .

CT: The best uses for chocolate syrup. In a . . . sensual sense. If you get my drift.

JB:  Not sure what you mean, Candis, but there’s only one way to find out. (picks up cell phone)

CT: You’re not dialing 911, are you?

JB: Absolutely not. That would be an incredibly inappropriate use of the first responder system. Hello, is this a firehouse? Any firehouse?

CT:  That’s it. (whisks JB’s phone away) No more El Fuego for you. How about we head back to the room before you get us into trouble?

JB: Awww. We were just starting to have some fun.

CT: Right. But those flashing lights outside tell me things are about to get really hot and I don’t want to have to explain things to your hubby.

JB: Good point.

Thanks for letting us eavesdrop, ladies! Be sure to check out Jennifer’s Bachelor Fireman and Candis’ Sweet Texas books, the latest of which, Sweet Surprise, releases today. For more smoking hot romance, visit our Everything Romance page!

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