Hot for the Holidays: Authors on Spicing Up Your Season

Kate Meader: How about creating a naughty list of desires with your partner to keep those home fires burning through the season? On the first day of Christmas, send him a risqué text message telling him what you’d like to do when you get him alone. On the second day, shoot him a sexy selfie in your hottest lingerie to fuel those fantasies. By the time the extended family is on their way home, you’ll be cashing in on all those sexy promises—and celebrating the holidays all over again!

Melody AnneI think the holidays are so dang sexy because of all the possibilities. Love and hormones are heightened because of the euphoria of it all, and there are so many possibilities for great sex; under the tree, kissing under the mistletoe, kinky sex with garland, in the woods searching for trees. The list goes on and on. 

Jennifer ProbstOne of my favorite things about the holidays is the opportunity to pamper ourselves a bit and re-connect with our feminine, sexy side. For example, as a writer, I live in yoga pants, T-shirt and slippers. All those shoes I never get to wear — sigh. With all the wonderful holiday parties available, I love to pick out a sexy outfit (red is a power color so make sure you don some red!), slip on amazing heels, spray on some perfume, curl my hair and put on make up! (Red lipstick is a must!) Is there anything as wonderful as feeling like a powerful, sexy woman? It’s amazing how good you can feel on the inside when you take a bit of time to play dress up. 

Emma ChaseThe holiday season is custom-tailored for sexy times. The soft glow of a fireplace or Christmas lights, the scents of vanilla, apple, cinnamon or earthy pine, the chilly weather that makes us want to cuddle the night (or day) away under downy blankets. Everywhere we look there is beauty and warmth — the basic ingredients of romance. One way to make the holidays extra sexy is to try something new, to be adventurous. The gift giving season is a great opportunity to buy something unexpected for your significant other. Maybe some sheer holiday-themed lingerie with the promise to model it later, or a playful “I’ve been naughty this year” spanking paddle. Maybe you could be the present, wrapped up in a shiny bow — and nothing else. Snow-white fluffy handcuffs are a gift that keeps on giving — or so I’ve been told. 

Kristen Proby: Really, what doesn’t make the holidays sexy? The music, the lights, the fancy holiday dresses all make for some pretty incredible nights. Champagne, slow dancing to Nat King Cole before a fire, ribbons and chocolate. Curling up with someone special to watch It’s A Wonderful Life. Now that I’m thinking about this, I’m even more excited for the holiday season! 

Ready to hang the mistletoe? As we wait for the holidays to arrive, why not check out Baby, It’s Cold Outside, which is out this week, digitially and in print. And for more love stories throughout the year, be sure to visit our Everything Romance page! 

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