Hump Day Excerpt: Abe: Four In Hand by MJ Fields

The cool ocean breeze against my heated skin caused me to tremble. He looked down at me and his jaw flexed as his deep, throaty hum swept over me. The sound vibrated throughout my entire body and made me feel completely out of control.

This beautiful man had given me more pleasure in the last fifteen minutes than I’d had my entire life. My body was still responding to him, and I was so afraid that I would moan or whimper making him even more aware of the power he wielded over me after just one encounter. I had never been loud in bed, nor begged a man for anything. My insides had never burned so intensely, needing to be filled. But with him, I’d lost all control.

As my feet touched the floor in front of the bed, I struggled to stand.

“Steady, sweetheart,” he held my waist as I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes. “That’s better.”

“My dress.”

“You won’t be needing it for … a while.”

His arm snaked around my waist and he pulled me closer to him.

“My panties.”


His lips met mine, but he didn’t kiss me, he just held them against me. Only now did I notice the alcohol on his breath.

“Four,” he took in a deep breath through his teeth, “I’ve had a bit more to drink than I had promised myself I would have when you and I happened.”

I attempted to pull away from his embrace, but he grabbed the back of my head.


His lips covered mine and immediately I was lost. The heat began filling me again, my body hummed as his tongue sought entrance into my mouth. I gave it willingly. His tongue stroked up and down my own, causing me to whimper and him to groan as he ravaged my mouth.

His hands now moved back down my body and came to rest on my butt. He squeezed and pulled outward, spreading me. I grasped at his strong shoulders trying to steady myself, hold myself together.

My tongue began stroking his in long licks, tasting him as he had done to me. He tasted of crisp wine and something else, me. Never before had I been as turned on to the point that I needed more in a kiss, not like this.

I bravely let my hand slide down his arms and then lower. I held his hips and then allowed one hand to make its way lower and I took hold of his rock hard erection.

He immediately lifted me, forcing my hands to grab his shoulders again.

“I need to taste you again, Four.”

“I need …. ”

“No talking, let me give you pleasure,” he lowered me to the bed and knelt before me.

He spread my legs wide and looked up at me. “Your pussy is absolutely stunning.”

I closed my eyes, embarrassed of being spread in front of him in the dimly lit room. His fingers spread me and his hum played to the most private and intimate part of my body.

“Look at me.”

He lifted my leg and bent my knee gently as he placed my foot on the bed so that it was beside me and he pushed the other leg to the side spreading me even more.

“Never seen anything so fucking beautiful,” he whispered as he rubbed his finger up and down my seam.

When he looked up, I knew he hadn’t intended on me hearing those words. For a brief moment, his self-confident, sexually charged gaze gave way to something more, and in one blink of my eyes his mouth covered my opening as he sucked harshly on my sensitive flesh.

“Ohhh … ”

He pulled away and looked up, “Watch me devour you, sweetheart.”

His tongue plunged deep inside of me and his hands gripped my thighs forcing them apart even more. I watched because he said so and I watched because I had never witnessed, felt, or encountered such a hungry, sexual man.

His mouth worked me into ecstasy and a state of orgasmic bliss. His tongue caressed and then dove deep into me. His lips sucked and tugged at mine. Then a finger pushed into me and curled up and then another entered, causing me to take in a deep breath.

I held his shoulders just like I was holding my breath, fearing I would scream and fall back. Fearing that I would break the contact our eyes made. I couldn’t look away if I wanted to. His eyes held mine captive as his finger pushed in further, curling, turning, touching every part deep inside. The sensation, the places he hit made me lose myself completely and fully. I fought, fearing another orgasm so soon would take my breath away. He sensed my concern.

“Let go,” he commanded.

With Neptune, it was much more than pleasure. My breathing became erratic and my need to come was so — immediate. I couldn’t hold back or delay my release.

“Oh, god,” I screamed out as it burst, rippling throughout my entire body.

“That’s it,” his fingers continued torturing and pleasing me, “More. Give me more.”

I felt my insides contract around his fingers and I couldn’t stop myself from slowly falling onto the bed as I screamed out incomprehensible words of pleasure and praise.

His fingers slowed at the same speed my breaths did.

“Perfect,” he whispered as his fingers pulled out of me and his hands grasped my ankles.

He gently rolled me onto my stomach as I continued lying almost lethargically, still falling like a feather from orgasm.

He cupped my bottom, not too hard, but not gently. His strong hands caressed and then squeezed, caressed and squeezed, repeatedly. After several minutes, the concept of time was lost on me. I started to move.

“Not another inch,” his voice carried a soft demand. “Stay right there.”

His hands left my body, yet I felt his eyes burning into my backside. I looked over my shoulder.

“Eyes forward,” his heated gaze washed over me just like his command. “Not an inch. Do you understand?”

“Yes but – ”

“No buts,” he chuckled to himself and then he grabbed me firmly, one hand on each cheek and spread me, “Fucking beautiful.”

And then he let go. I heard him walking out of the room and I wanted to stand, to cover myself, to do anything but lay there exposed. My modesty tried to overcome my body’s desire to let this sexual god have what he asked for without getting anything in return, but it was in vain.

“That’s a very good girl.”

He sat at my side with a glass of amber liquor in his hand and a bottle in the other gazing over my body. He put the glass to his lips and threw it back, all of it.

“Drink?” He asked as he refilled the glass.

I shook my head.

“Are you alright?”

I nodded.

“Words, please.” He smiled slightly.

“I am — alright.”

“Good, then we’ll continue, if that’s alright with you.”

He drank down the glass again and hissed when the liquor hit his throat. I’ve never been able to drink whiskey.

I started to roll over and he let out a chuckle, “No, stay just like this.”

His hand cupped my chin and his thumb rubbed across my lip.

“Can you close your eyes this time for me, beautiful? Close your eyes and just feel every pleasure I’m about to give you.”

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