Hump Day Excerpt: Glow by Beth Kery

Beth Kery, GlowIt’s the week before Thanksgiving and we’ve got visions of our epic shopping list dancing in our head. So let’s all take a moment and slow it down to enjoy this week’s Hump Day excerpt from Glow by Beth Kery. This follow-up to Glimmer is eerie, intense and “hella hot,” according to our reviewer. Alice and Dylan’s relationship deepens as Alice’s past resurfaces to threaten her. Ready? Let’s do this! 

The man was on the path directly in front of them now. Alice hardly cared. She twisted her head angrily. Dylan lowered his head until his face hovered an inch over hers, and removed his hand from her mouth.

Instead, he used his mouth to silence her.

It was a good thing, too, because Alice whimpered in stark longing at the hard pressure of his kiss. He grabbed her shoulders and bunched her to him, his actions a little angry and a lot possessive. He plunged his tongue between her lips, a thirsty man slaking himself. In that moment, Alice knew for certain that he was every bit as desperate as her.

She tried to pull her hands up so that she could touch him, but he pressed even closer, preventing it. Her hands remained pinned against the tree. His cock felt fuller now, the sensation of it commanding every fiber of her attention that wasn’t already ruled by his demanding kiss.

Time passed. The man on the path was forgotten.

She drowned in his taste. Her head swam. God, she needed air.

She needed him more.

She twisted her head, moaning softly. He moved his hands to her jaw and kept her face steady while he fucked her mouth with his tongue. He plucked at her lips forcefully with his own and bit the lower one, scraping the sensitive skin between his teeth. Alice quaked against him.

“Always rebelling, even when you don’t know what against. I ought to spank your ass red, do you know that?” he breathed out in a husky whisper next to her parted lips. “I ought to fuck you so deep and come so hard, you feel me inside you as a constant reminder as you go about your day of rebelling. Would you like that, Alice?”


“Yes, you would,” he growled, recognizing her lie instantly.

Holding her stare, he reached between them and began to jerk down her running shorts. Her heart leapt.

“If you spank me, whoever you had follow me will hear it,” she said in a panicked, choked whisper.

“Then I’ll have to save the spanking for later. The other part isn’t going to wait, though. If that incompetent jerk is stupid enough to come back here while I’m having you, he can just be fired sooner versus later.”


He shoved unceremoniously at her clothing and she felt her shorts and panties fall against her shins to her ankles. He grabbed her hand and pressed it against his erection. She bit her lower lip, air hissing between her teeth. Her hand moved of its own accord, cupping and massaging large, round testicles, and then the heavy, protruding staff of his cock. He snarled at her touch.

“You’ve asked for it before against a tree in the woods. Ask for it now, little girl,” he taunted. “Ask for the nice hard fuck you deserve.”

His crudity was arousing her. He knew it had on other occasions in the past. Her cheeks burned and her breathing was coming fast and erratic. The ability to think rationally was fogged by lust.

“Say it,” he bit out softly, nuzzling her lips with his nose and then his mouth.

 “I deserve a nice. Hard. Fuck.”

If there was such a thing as defiant begging, Alice had just done it.

He grunted softly, his mouth slanting into a hard line. He turned her in front of him forcefully. When she staggered because her clothing had gotten twisted on her ankles, he steadied her, his hands cupping her shoulders. He pressed his face to her neck, his hot, openmouthed kiss making her gasp and put her hands on the tree trunk to steady her swaying world. She sensed him working to unfasten his fly.

A moment later, his naked cock slid between her thighs, the top of the rigid shaft rubbing against her sensitive, damp outer sex. He gave a restrained, rough groan that vibrated in his throat.

Biting her lower lip to suppress her own arousal, she leaned into the tree, bending at the waist. The feeling of the bulbous head of his cock pushing into her channel felt exciting and forbidden.

So damn good.

He held her hips steady with his hands and firmly pumped his cock into her. The fact that she couldn’t scream her pleasure made her want to yowl like a cat in heat. Her choked wail burned her throat. His cock felt huge and heavy inside her. When he finally pressed his full testicles to her outer sex and paused, squeezing her to him, she opened her mouth in a silent scream.

“Quiet,” he muttered tensely behind her, and Alice wondered confusedly if she’d whimpered aloud after all. In the distance, she heard the footsteps on the path. Her follower had realized he’d lost her and was retracing his steps, his pace faster than it had been previously.

They went still in a tableau of frozen, incendiary pleasure. It was unbearable. Dylan throbbed inside her, his cock steaming into her flesh. God, she needed to move. She couldn’t stop her muscles from convulsing around him, from squeezing his rigid length.

Behind her, she heard him make a small, choked sound. Somehow it helped, knowing she didn’t suffer alone.

But not much.

Her follower’s footsteps faded while they mutually sweated.

Just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, he began to thrust in and out of her, his strokes deep and even a little harsh.

Alice loved it. Her body jolted at the impact of him against her. His unrelenting cock plunging into her and the sharp friction he created became her sole focus. Dylan. Dylan. Dylan. She chanted his name in her head like a mantra every time his pelvis thumped against her.

She closed her eyes, bit her lip, and counterstroked with a firm, fluid pump of her hips. It felt hot and forbidden. So right.

She was so deep in the zone, it jarred her to the core when Dylan suddenly stilled her bobbing hips, his thumbs digging into her buttocks. She heard distant footsteps approaching. The man was back, retracing his trail.

“Damn,” she heard Dylan say behind her, the single muted word practically bursting with sharp frustration.

“You put him up to it,” she hissed over her shoulder, her whisper barely audible.

He squeezed both her buttocks in a taut reprimand. Alice tried to get air, but it was like her body had grown confused under the influence of rampant, stifled arousal. Her lungs didn’t seem to want to expand, even though she needed oxygen desperately.

Dylan’s hands moved slightly on her ass, peeling back her ass cheeks, making some kind of lascivious display of her. There was nothing she could do about it, either.

Except scowl over her shoulder.

He was indeed staring down at her ass. As if sensing her gaze on him, he glanced up and met her stare. The gleam in his smoky eyes, his small knowing smile and the lurch of his cock deep inside her made her scowl evaporate. In the distance, her follower’s footsteps retraced the path. The Cigarette Man was growing increasingly alarmed. Soon, he was going to leave the path and comb the woods, looking for her.

Dylan must have thought the same thing, because he started to move. Obviously, he was in agreement with her that the only course of action was forward.

No going back now.

Glow will be available in stores and online December 1, and you can preorder your copy here: Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks | All Romance | IndieBound. And if you’d like to check out more Hump Day excerpts, we’ve got ya covered

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